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NorCal Nevada ‘Cross Continues Aplomb

11 November 2015

The season is hurtling full tilt toward the NorCal Nevada District Championships later this month at the Cal Fire Training Facility. After more than 2 months of racing, cyclocross in the region is starting to see the cream rise above the crop, particularly after BASP’s Sierra Point weekend. Even so, racing across all categories has been terrific and is boosted by good numbers for race-entries. The West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix drew close to 400 riders after nearly 300 racers turned out at The Lobster Cup, this season’s early opener. The Sacramento Cyclocross Series has approached the 400 racer mark for nearly all of their five events and often sees more than 70 racers in the Women’s categories. Of course, BASP’s opener drew over 500 race-entries.

And from the youngest of Juniors, to the most tarnished of Cat C fodder, to the well burnished top category racer, excellent cyclocross and bike handling skills have been quite apparent.

Nate Thalhamer (Rad Racing) Smoothly Remounts

Nate Thalhamer (Rad Racing) Smoothly Remounts


Buckethead to Ply his ‘Cross with Santa Cruz Factory Team

1 September 2015

Recently, Paul Sadoff revealed Scott Chapin’s move to the new Santa Cruz Factory Racing Team. The comment that struck as “most interesting” was a reminder that Rock Lobster had been Chapin’s only cyclocross team. Often known as Buckethead and sometimes as the mascot and inspiration to his team, Chapin is both a character (Sadoff described it as a different wavelength) and a great cyclocross racer. Perfect evidence of the former may well come from Chapin’s interview with NorCal Cycling News after a race in 2012.

The calibre of Chapin’s results attest to his capability as a cyclocross racer. From six of the last seven BASP Sierra Point Night Races, Chapin’s average finishing position is second (2.3), including wins at the two most recent runnings. Throughout the 2014-15 season, he finished only once outside the top five in 16 regional races. In previous years, Chapin has been a frequent podium or top-five finisher.

Chapin's First 'Cross Race for Santa Cruz

Chapin’s First ‘Cross Race for Santa Cruz


Lloyd and Ortenblad Conquer the Bumpy Lobster Cup

Ortenblad Grabs Some Air for the Spectators at the Lobster Cup

30 August 2015

The Lobster Cup pulled off an outstanding opening to the NorCal Nevada cyclocross season with this Bonny Doon race. Day-of registrations swelled the ranks of early races and there were over 20 cars in the parking lot over an hour before the first race was even set to begin. Eventually the lot swelled to capacity as nearly 300 racers competed across the various categories throughout the day; an impressive achievement for an August start to the cyclocross calendar.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Elite races had top racers in the field. Many sported the kit of their new teams: Karen Brems for Sun Power Alto Velo and Scott Chapin and Justin Robinson for Santa Cruz Bikes were some of the notable changes. After all was said and done, Cal Giant racers Rachel Lloyd and Tobin Ortenblad were the cream on top after winning their respective races.

Rachel Lloyd Raises a Weary Arm after a Hard-Fought Victory

Rachel Lloyd Raises a Weary Arm after a Hard-Fought Victory


NorCal Nevada Hoist the Cup

29 August 2015

With the Lobster Cup concluded late this afternoon, the 2015-16 season of cyclocross is now underway for NorCal Nevada. The turnout was simply terrific at Bonny Doon, particularly for the first two races of the event. Despite the early overcast and misty morning, temperatures were good and gave way to warm and sunny in the afternoon.

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for Much of the Race

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for much of the Race



Arranta is Salach o’Bonnie Doon

Rock Lobster Launching the 2015-16 Season

29 August 2015

Gie it laldy!

2015-16 NorCal Nevada ‘Cross Upon Us

25 August 2015

In just 4 days, weekend cyclocross racing for NorCal Nevada begins with the Lobster Cup. Most of the race-organizers have their 2015-16 events posted on web sites or social media. For an up-to-date listing of all events, including interweb-links, go to the Fit and Filthy calendar or click on the Calendars button (upper right). This calendar remains updated throughout the season.

This coming year may very well improve upon many terrific races produced in NorCal Nevada last season. Some highlights from 2014-15 include the return of the Clark Natwick GP, big attendance at the inaugural WSCXGP, a muddy Surf City Cyclo-X at the Fairgrounds, and the district championships held at SacCX’s Lange Twins venue.

To open 2015-16, both the Rock Lobster Cup (29 August) and CrossReno (19 September), from ShadowIndustries, are inaugural events this season. The latter is a festival-affair that bookends CrossVegas along with the West Sac GP (12 September), another ‘cross festival. A dedicated cyclocross course and drag racing are big features at Bonny Doon.

Clif Bar is putting on relay racing at Cykel Scramble and Central Coast has three races in September. There is even mid-week racing at the Folsom Rodeo Cross before SacCX opens their book at Orangevale Park on 27 September. All of these events appeal to a wide range of racers from the community and are certain to bring in more terrific racing.

As of this past May, one negative to the season so far is an apparent but, with hope, temporary, cessation of the NorCal versus SoCal California State Cyclocross Championships. Sam Ames struggles to find better dates for the event than the end of January without running into conflicts with other races in December.

Now, with less than a work-week remaining, the summer is all but over and ‘cross racers from NorCal Nevada have waited long enough.

Van Geslani (Dons Bikes) Won the First Race of 2014-15 - WSCXGP Cat C

Van Geslani (Dons Bikes) Won the First Race of 2014-15 – WSCXGP Cat C

What…is Your Quest?

19 August 2015

“Stop. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
What…is your name?
What…is your quest?
What…is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

The quest for the Cup in just 10 days begins weekend cyclocross racing for the NorCal Nevada region and its 2015-16 season. The inaugural Rock Lobster Cup on 29 August runs at a permanent, purpose-built cyclocross course near the Bonny Doon Airport (8647 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz). Paul Sadoff brings this fundraiser, for the Rock Lobster Cyclocross Team, as an early start to the region’s ‘cross. The course comes complete with log barriers, a sand pit, a pump track, and a flyover bridge…make sure to attain the speed of an unladen swallow or an Aaron Bradford to get up and over.

Rock Lobster Cup Launching the 2015-16 NorCal Nevada 'Cross Season

Rock Lobster Cup Launching the 2015-16 NorCal Nevada ‘Cross Season