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Buckethead to Ply his ‘Cross with Santa Cruz Factory Team

1 September 2015

Recently, Paul Sadoff revealed Scott Chapin’s move to the new Santa Cruz Factory Racing Team. The comment that struck as “most interesting” was a reminder that Rock Lobster had been Chapin’s only cyclocross team. Often known as Buckethead and sometimes as the mascot and inspiration to his team, Chapin is both a character (Sadoff described it as a different wavelength) and a great cyclocross racer. Perfect evidence of the former may well come from Chapin’s interview with NorCal Cycling News after a race in 2012.

The calibre of Chapin’s results attest to his capability as a cyclocross racer. From six of the last seven BASP Sierra Point Night Races, Chapin’s average finishing position is second (2.3), including wins at the two most recent runnings. Throughout the 2014-15 season, he finished only once outside the top five in 16 regional races. In previous years, Chapin has been a frequent podium or top-five finisher.

Chapin's First 'Cross Race for Santa Cruz

Chapin’s First ‘Cross Race for Santa Cruz


Rock Lobster without Buckethead

17 July 2015

Paul Sadoff revealed his 2015-2016 Elite Rock Lobster Cyclocross team to Fit and Filthy this evening. Though racing out of the mid-west, Aaron Bradford may return to the fold. Second place in last season’s Sierra Point Night Race, Justin Abbott joins Max Judelson, last year’s outstanding and relatively unknown newcomer, to put forward a young, strong team.

Other racers include the returning stalwart Alex Work and the youngster Ian Stowe. Eric Nelson, Kailin Waterman, and Brandon Lehman also return this year.

Ellen Sherrill, Campbell Steers, and Kelly Chang will don Rock Lobster green to lead the Women’s contingent.

For the first time in seven seasons, Scott Chapin is set to wear other than a Rock Lobster kit this coming season. Chapin leaves his only cyclocross team to date and has moved to join Santa Cruz Bikes alongside Justin Robinson…watch out for that pair. Sadoff described Chapin as, despite a “different wavelength”, one that could turn his talent into winning at any time.

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Judelson and Dalton Win at Bumpy Stafford Lake

Rock Lobsters Dominating the Race

2 November 2014

Janie Dalton (First Republic/Missing Link) executed her strategy to perfection in a dominating win for Elite Women at Stafford Lake Wildcat. In the race for Elite Men, team mates Max Judelson and Scott Chapin reprised their previous day’s race as Judelson led Voler/Steven’s Creek BMW/HRS/Rock Lobster to a one-two finish.

On Top of Her Game, Janie Dalton

On Top of Her Game, Janie Dalton