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NorCal Nevada ‘Cross Continues Aplomb

11 November 2015

The season is hurtling full tilt toward the NorCal Nevada District Championships later this month at the Cal Fire Training Facility. After more than 2 months of racing, cyclocross in the region is starting to see the cream rise above the crop, particularly after BASP’s Sierra Point weekend. Even so, racing across all categories has been terrific and is boosted by good numbers for race-entries. The West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix drew close to 400 riders after nearly 300 racers turned out at The Lobster Cup, this season’s early opener. The Sacramento Cyclocross Series has approached the 400 racer mark for nearly all of their five events and often sees more than 70 racers in the Women’s categories. Of course, BASP’s opener drew over 500 race-entries.

And from the youngest of Juniors, to the most tarnished of Cat C fodder, to the well burnished top category racer, excellent cyclocross and bike handling skills have been quite apparent.

Nate Thalhamer (Rad Racing) Smoothly Remounts

Nate Thalhamer (Rad Racing) Smoothly Remounts


What…is Your Quest?

19 August 2015

“Stop. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
What…is your name?
What…is your quest?
What…is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

The quest for the Cup in just 10 days begins weekend cyclocross racing for the NorCal Nevada region and its 2015-16 season. The inaugural Rock Lobster Cup on 29 August runs at a permanent, purpose-built cyclocross course near the Bonny Doon Airport (8647 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz). Paul Sadoff brings this fundraiser, for the Rock Lobster Cyclocross Team, as an early start to the region’s ‘cross. The course comes complete with log barriers, a sand pit, a pump track, and a flyover bridge…make sure to attain the speed of an unladen swallow or an Aaron Bradford to get up and over.

Rock Lobster Cup Launching the 2015-16 NorCal Nevada 'Cross Season

Rock Lobster Cup Launching the 2015-16 NorCal Nevada ‘Cross Season


Lobster Cup Press Release

Judelson Crowns his Weekend with a Second Win

2 August 2015 For Immediate Release

The Inaugural Lobster Cup Cyclocross Race
High in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Dearest ‘Crosser, Heckler, Junior, Master, Aer, Ber, Cer, Single Speeder, Kids Racer and Lover of All Things Cycling,

Cross season comes early this year—like August 29th early—as the inaugural Lobster Cup cyclocross race heads to the hills above Santa Cruz to kick off the Nor Cal race season. The event will take place at the Bonny Doon airport, on private land, around a newly built, permanent cyclocross course, and you’re invited!


In-Brief: NorCal Nevada CX Calendar

McGovern and Brush Rub Shoulders over First Place

29 July 2015

In a month, weekend cyclocross racing begins for the NorCal Nevada region. Paul Sadoff came across a ‘cross enthusiast with a purpose-built cyclocross course and has put together The Rock Lobster Cup at Bonny Doon. This begins the 2015-16 season with style, gravitas, and that Santa Cruz edge.

In other brief news, cyclocross in Nevada forges ahead with CrossReno, on 19 September, and the 2015 season of the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series. As Teal Stetson-Lee and Coby Rowe prepare for ‘cross in the basin and range, Fit and Filthy will soon post articles on those events and the burgeoning scene out of Reno.

Ortenblad Racing at Sagebrush

Ortenblad Racing at Sagebrush


Rock Lobster without Buckethead

17 July 2015

Paul Sadoff revealed his 2015-2016 Elite Rock Lobster Cyclocross team to Fit and Filthy this evening. Though racing out of the mid-west, Aaron Bradford may return to the fold. Second place in last season’s Sierra Point Night Race, Justin Abbott joins Max Judelson, last year’s outstanding and relatively unknown newcomer, to put forward a young, strong team.

Other racers include the returning stalwart Alex Work and the youngster Ian Stowe. Eric Nelson, Kailin Waterman, and Brandon Lehman also return this year.

Ellen Sherrill, Campbell Steers, and Kelly Chang will don Rock Lobster green to lead the Women’s contingent.

For the first time in seven seasons, Scott Chapin is set to wear other than a Rock Lobster kit this coming season. Chapin leaves his only cyclocross team to date and has moved to join Santa Cruz Bikes alongside Justin Robinson…watch out for that pair. Sadoff described Chapin as, despite a “different wavelength”, one that could turn his talent into winning at any time.

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

New Title Sponsor, Riders at Rock Lobster

31 July 2013

Rock Lobster, one of the rich cyclocross teams racing in the NorCalNevada region, will go through a few changes for the upcoming 2014-15 season. Paul Sadoff has revealed Voler Sportswear as the new title sponsor, saying, “[this is a] California company sponsoring a California CX team.” Sadoff also announces the arrival of new elite riders in Brendan Lehman, Eric Brown, Max Judelson, Kelly Chang, Campbell Steers, and 19-year-old Ian Stowe. “We no longer have Aaron Bradford or Courtenay McFadden,” continued Sadoff, “although Courtenay will continue having [Rock Lobster] as a bike sponsor. It will be an exciting season for sure.”

Ian Stowe will race for Rock Lobster in 2014-15

Ian Stowe will race for Rock Lobster in 2014-15