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Wet and Tough at Lembi Park

Jonathan Baker (Chico Masters) Wins at Wet Lembi Park

2 November 2015

The first of the NorCal Nevada season with rain during the races played out this past Sunday in Folsom. The Sacramento Cyclocross Series moved along Riley Street to the other side of Blue Ravine for the second event of the weekend. The Lakeside Church venue was hot and dusty but Lembi Park proved to be another climate altogether. In proof again that the forecaster is unable to predict yesterday’s weather next week, the threatening skies became rainfall some four to 6 hours before the prognostications.

As always at Lembi Park, the course went through the volleyball sand pit with its ever changing race lines. Once the rain did come down, the already difficult traction along other portions of the course became even more challenging. Off-cambers on green and dry grass and packed dirt featured heavily along the 1.7-mile circuit. The downhill off-camber sections threw down the gauntlet in front of racers as did one steep run-up and a second run-up populated with four plank barriers, though somewhat less steep. With sharp turns into and out of the off-cambers, technical skills and good bike handling were the order of the day.

Julie Young Wins Another SacCX Race

Julie Young Wins Another SacCX Race