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SacCX to the Fore

Gomez-Villafañe Sets the Early Pace

26 September 2015

Tomorrow, the Sacramento Cyclocross Series is set to open it’s 2015 season with their event at Orangevale Park, Orangevale. Event organizers Jen and Clint Claassen and TimeYourRace have already been busy this season, providing timing and scoring at the West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix and CrossReno, so they are in grand form for their second season in charge of SacCX.

The Claassen’s reinvigorated the series last year by moving venues closer to Sacramento and laying on a terrific District Championships at the Lange Twins Winery. This season there is again an eight-race calendar; the series includes two new venue at Lakeside Church, Folsom, and the Sacramento Raceway, an earlier October date for Lange Twins, and a December night race to close out the year.

The Sacramento Cyclocross Series has been running for many years starting under the auspices of John and Linda Elgart in 2002-03. Rich Maile took the helm for a further 3 years before Brian Joder and began running the series for 2010-11. It’s rich history has seen many national champions take to the field including both Elgarts, Cody Kaiser, Don Myrah, and Kateřina Nash. A certain claim-to-fame for several years was the naked cyclocross race at a clothing-optional resort.

Gomez-Villafañe at SacX 2014

Gomez-Villafañe at SacCX 2014

“When a man says no to [rain], he says no to life.”

13 December 2014

This is what it’s all about.

The rain has done its work to quell the dust and lay bare the raison d’être that many have for cyclocross. The past few weeks saw racing in the wet and the mud, at the Kitten of Vallejo, Candlestick Saturday, and, in particular, the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. And perhaps there is more to come with District Championships on the morrow. The course at Lange Twins has, in the past, seen deep, viscous mud as well as brown, opaque puddles hiding their treacherous and changing depths. Here is a reflection of those days at Lodi and the past few races from the NorCalNevada region. It is a time where the fit race ‘cross and the ‘cross gets ’em filthy.

The 2010 Lange Twins Mud Bath

The 2010 Lange Twins Mud Bath


Gird Your Loins West Sac

12 August 2014

California’s capital has a terrific cyclocross scene: it has a season-long series in SacCX and mid-week pick-ups. Past years have seen terrific events came out of the area with the LangeTwins venue, naked ‘cross racing, and racing under lights.

One may say almost out of nowhere but this district’s season begins with the inaugural West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix presented by Cedaron. The 6 September event, dreamed up and put into place by Matthew Hargrove and cohorts, plans to go big with UCI racing in the future. Along with the Clark Natwick Grand Prix and Tom Simpson striving for a Pilarcitos Cyclesports/Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross-UCI event, Northern California may well see two UCI races, one either side of ‘Cross Vegas.

Sacramento's "Golden" Tower Bridge - Photo Credit Jeff Namba

Sacramento’s “Golden” Tower Bridge – Photo Credit Jeff Namba


Wine Pairings at Districts

3 August 2014

This season’s District Cyclocross Championships, for NorCalNevada, will run at the LangeTwins Winery on 14 December 2014. The Lodi family vintner’s have hosted a race on the SacCX calendar every year since 2009 and it has become an outstanding event. One wouldn’t necessarily consider a winery as an ideal venue…this one is located in the low-lying, flat central valley and typically beer is the sport’s beverage of choice…yet somehow the Lange family and the Sacramento/Lodi cyclocross community have cultivated this race into one of the best in the entire region.

Don Myrah (ibis/ Celebrated his 2010 National Championships in the Mud at LangeTwins

Don Myrah (ibis/ Celebrated his 2010 National Championships in the Mud at LangeTwins


‘Cross at Lange Twins – this Year and Before

Lange Twins Wine at the Lange Twins Venue

Lange Twins Winery
Sacramento Cyclocross Series • 17 November 2013

Fresh back from traveling to races East, Emily Kachorek (ghetomoto) grabbed the hole shot, held off an early challenge from Felicia Gomez, and went on to win the Women’s A race at the Lange Twins Winery. Later in Men’s A, Jeremiah Root (SBRacing) and Mitch Trux (Streling Sports) thrilled the spectators as they fought each other to the last lap. Trux used his big ring to take the victory.

Lange Twins Wine at the Lange Twins Venue

Lange Twins Wine at the Lange Twins Venue