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Your Thoughts Wanted

2 December 2015

Marty Woy and the GHETO CX/NorCal CX/WSCXGP syndicate are running a survey to check the affinity of NorCal Nevada’s cyclocross community for events that earn USAC-points. Though currently they are Sacramento-centric, the efforts of Woy and Co produce good vibes at WSCXGP, Gheto mid-week pick-ups, Rodeocross mid-week night racing, and SacCX. Their influence has moved east over the big hill toward Reno’s Sagebrush Series. They wish to contribute to the entire community-at-large and help grow the sport further. Click on the image or link below to go to the latest survey. An earlier survey remains open and is available through the second link below the photograph.

2015 NORCAL CX Survey #2 USAC Specific_MG17456BASP

First survey: 2015 NorCal Cyclocross Association Series Survey

Gird Your Loins West Sac

12 August 2014

California’s capital has a terrific cyclocross scene: it has a season-long series in SacCX and mid-week pick-ups. Past years have seen terrific events came out of the area with the LangeTwins venue, naked ‘cross racing, and racing under lights.

One may say almost out of nowhere but this district’s season begins with the inaugural West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix presented by Cedaron. The 6 September event, dreamed up and put into place by Matthew Hargrove and cohorts, plans to go big with UCI racing in the future. Along with the Clark Natwick Grand Prix and Tom Simpson striving for a Pilarcitos Cyclesports/Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross-UCI event, Northern California may well see two UCI races, one either side of ‘Cross Vegas.

Sacramento's "Golden" Tower Bridge - Photo Credit Jeff Namba

Sacramento’s “Golden” Tower Bridge – Photo Credit Jeff Namba


Cyclocross Abbondanza!

11 August 2014

This is Mega! This season will see a California Cyclocross Championship Series!

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Wong is putting together a pan-California series with an emphasis on the flavors of cyclocross events across the State. Already signed up and opening the series is the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix presented by Cedaron on 6 September 2014 with BASP/Pilarcitos Cyclesports’ Clark Natwick GP (21 September) the second event on the schedule. For now, a complete schedule remains under development but could see up to eight events. New events may come from either end of the state.

Current California Cyclocross Championship
6 September – West Sacramento Grand Prix presented by Cedaron, West Sacramento (USAC)
21 September – Clark Natwick Grand Prix, BASP, Candlestick Point (USAC)
26 October – Spooky Kross, SoCalCross Prestige Series/SCPS, Orange
8 November – The Lou Fest CX Night Race, Fresno
16 November – SLO Cross Weekend, SCPS, Luis Obispo (USAC)
29 November – UCI CXLA Weekend, SCPS, Los Angeles (USAC)

One Bear to Rule Them All

One Bear to Rule Them All


Gheto Wednesnight Pickups

2 July 2014

Gheto’s Wednesday Night Pickups started off the region’s cyclocross this evening. Social media appears generally positive although a last-minute venue change may have stranded a coupe of racers. Just a little more than 9 weeks until full-bore weekend cyclocross with plenty in-between.

Emily Kachorek reports from West Sac on the first wheels-on-the-ground of the season:
“We had about 30 people out to the West Sac Pickup race tonight. We used a site which is a field abandoned to 4x4s and motorcycles which created a nice network of singletrack, berms, whoops, and some gravel roads. Delta Breezes kept the temps tolerable (at least for us central valley dwellers).

East Sac pickup reported about 15 people in Folsom, where apparently the heat was less forgiving than in West Sacramento. A good time was reported, and a few attendees were there for their first CX experience.”

Wednesnight Pickups Underway with Cody Kaiser and Emily Kachorek - Photo credit:

Wednesnight Pickups Underway with Cody Kaiser and Emily Kachorek – Photo credit:

Update: Sacramento ‘Cross Coming Together

27 June 2014

Jen Claassen has updated the SacCX season: the latest confirmed event is at Mill View Ranch, Camino near Placerville on 4 January 2014. This leaves just two of eight events that need firming up (sic). The Claassens look to be putting together a great cyclocross season coming out of the State’s capitol.


Go Hard Wednesday Nights

19 June 2014

Ramping up its organized wheels-on-the-ground activity is just around the corner for the NorCalNevada cyclocross community. Season calendars from the different racing series are filling the available weekends with each announcement from promoters. Racing clinics are a little more than a month away. And last season is far enough back that the itching is now in need of a scratch.

One of the very early season events is Gheto-founder Marty Woy’s Wednesday Night Pick-Ups; the first night is less than 2 weeks away. Woy describes here his part-maverick, part-introductory, all grass-roots Sacramento community cyclocross.