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Hand Ups Hand Backs

2 November 2015

The Gheto CX crew have now become a staple at Sacramento Cyclocross events, adding to the vibe of the series with music, heckling, and hand-ups. They also bring their brand of support to WSCXGP, Rodeocross, Gheto Pick-Ups, and may soon feature at Sagebrush events. This is not some staid, stiff-upper lip chap handing out golf claps as racers slice through the corners. They are noisy and lively and take to the limit some of the enjoyable absurdity that is ‘cross.

At yesterday’s SacCX Lembi Park event, the day was bolstered by rain turning sections of the course to severe traction challenges. Through all the weather, the crew stood firm, continuing to pour on the insults and hand out dixie cups of refreshing juice. Here are select photos of the action with some of the hand-ups and hand backs from the last race of the day: Master Men B.