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In Brief: Calendar Updates

7 October 2015

Along with the recently announced Nevada State Cyclocross Championships set for 12 December, there are a few other changes to the season’s calendar.

SuperPro racing moved their 17 October event from Fairfax to Dan Foley Park in Vallejo. Racing will go out into the night. Details appear on the series webpage. Juniors begin the affair at 2:30pm. Elite Women and Elite Men race off the line at 6:45pm and 7:45pm, respectively. The last race of the night is for Men B beginning at 9:00pm.

Surf City announced the venues to go along with their race dates. The best information about locales appears at the webpage for registration and the Fit and Filthy Calendar, although shortly before press time the series website was undergoing an update.

On their web page, Central Coast posted a new race for 11 October at Manzanita Park in Prunedale. Finally, Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX) is down to a single event. It is the 20 December race at Lost Lake in Friant. Final permitting is approved and the race receives a sanction from USAC.

Dan Foley Park to Host a Night Race

Dan Foley Park to Host a Night Race

The Scene in Fresno

23 May 2015

For the upcoming 2015-16 cyclocross season, the Fresno area again has two sets of events. The Homegrown Cyclocross Series plans on three dates for their Woodward Park venue. Races are scheduled for 8 November, 6 December, and 13 December, though the middle date still requires approval from the local municipality.

Justin Morgan’s Fresno County CX series has just two dates for its sophomore year: 18 October at Choinumni and 20 December at Lost Lake. Venues still require confirmation and Morgan may add additional dates, everything pending responses from the local department of County Parks. Morgan is also weighing the various arguments in favour of and against holding races under USAC permitting, as was his practice a year ago.

Jim Pappe (Spy Giant) Negotiates a Sandy Sharp Turn on the San Joaquin at FCCX

Jim Pappe (Spy Giant) Negotiates a Sandy Sharp Turn on the San Joaquin at FCCX

Amuse Bouche for the NorCalNevada Calendar

Max Judelson Hopping the Maxwell Park Barriers

11 May 2015

At this point in the year, organizers and promoters continue to apply the glaze onto their 2015-16 racing calendars. Until more formal announcements and final calendars are laid out on the table, here is a selection of titbits to whet the appetite.


Enter Fresno County CX on the San Joaquin

28 September 2014

The inaugural season for Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX) kicked off yesterday on the San Joaquin River at Lost Lake Recreation Area. Race promotor Justin Morgan set up one of those challenging courses that racers hold a begrudging satisfaction in even finishing. Yet, by Morgan’s own admission, too little promotion had the result of a poor turnout. Even with USAC points on the line, fields were small, though Morgan remains optimistic for the remainder of the FCCX season. But, those that did race were able to enjoy (suffer) a course that was cerebral, technical, and gratifying.

The Very First Race Start for Fresno County Cyclocross

The Very First Race Start for Fresno County Cyclocross


Snow at Regional ‘Cross?

1 July 2014

Justin Morgan is working hard at securing venues for the inaugural Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX) series. Two dates announced (25 October and 15 November) hope to avoid conflicts with other regional events but there exists a potential the series may include race courses at elevation. And, should the cyclocross deities smile and provide cooperative weather, local racers may enjoy a terrain with a covering of snow.

One may wonder just how realistic is the possibility of snow or that this too much to expect.


Enter Fresno County Cyclocross

23 June 2014

Cyclocross in Northern California/Northern Nevada continues to see more upbeat changes. Justin Morgan has revealed to Fit and Filthy he is looking to introduce a new two-venue cyclocross series under the banner of Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX).