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UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships in San Jose Postponed until 2017

10 December 2015

2016 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships-San Jose – Postponed until 2017.

Micah Rice the USAC Vice President of National Events and SuperPro had several in depth discussions that included the concerns we are hearing from many corners. The back and forth between the UCI, USAC and SuperPro has taken up several days and there are many concerns and rule sets to be addressed. The end result is a runway that is too short to land a plane this big. We all decided together that it would be for the best if we postpone the race until the following January. There simply is not enough lead-time to get something this big and this complicated (not to mention adding that special SuperPro flavor) ready in the six weeks we have left. Two weeks less than that if you consider the holidays.

We can positively guarantee you though that the event we put together will be seamless and so full of awesome cyclocross action that you too will need a full year to prepare for it so thank you in advance for supporting us in this difficult decision.

Murphy Mack

Simpsons to Bow Out of BASP

30 October 2015

Tom Simpson is announcing 2015 is his and Alec’s last season running the Bay Area Super Prestige cyclocross races. Except for the CCCP race at Coyote Point, that will continue as a stand-alone event, Simpson says he will “bow out of event promotion”. The future for the remaining events in the group go over to Murphy Mack and SuperPro CX. “SuperPro Racing will provide the manpower to keep Tom and Alec Simpson’s BASP rolling on just as it is,” reported Mack by e-mail. “Nothing is changing, it is BASP as BASP has always been BASP.”

The Sun will Cease to Rise Over a Simpsons-led BASP Series

The Sun will Cease to Rise Over a Simpsons-led BASP Series


Nevada State Cyclo-cross Championships

For Immediate Release
October 2nd, 2015

Contact: Julie Rowe
The Impetus Agency | 775.322.4022

Nevada State Cyclo-cross Championships

(RENO, NV) – Coby Rowe with Glacier Cycling and the Reno Wheelmen announced the inaugural Nevada State Cyclocross Championships to be held December 12th in Reno, Nevada at Hidden Valley Regional Park.


October Candlestick Cancelled

24 September 2015

BASP’s race at Candlestick Point on 4 October is cancelled!

The event requires a State Park Ranger but none is available for the October date. As a permit is unavailable without appropriate coverage, the promotor is forced to cancel the event.

BASP still plan to hold their Sierra Point and Candlestick Point double-headers in November along with Coyote Point in December.

After an absence of 9 years, the Clark Natwick GP successfully returned to the local scene in 2014 as last year’s single day event at Candlestick. The disappointing news of its cancellation for this year, along with the loss of the Golden Gate Park venue in 2012, is an example of the difficulties encountered in organizing races.

Tom Simpson wrote by e-mail:
“The State Park ranger in charge of special events can’t find an available Ranger to cover Candlestick in October. No Ranger – No permit. We’ve had to cancel the October 4th date – but all other events/dates are good. State Park staff are seriously understaffed – our last Candlestick Ranger, with whom we worked since 2004 – lived in Stockton. It was cheaper for her to stay in a local motel 3 nights a week than try to relocate closer – and this was back in 2004! Any Ranger interested in taking a job in the Bay Area needs to have a serious sugar daddy to afford housing on Ranger salary.

Any special event requires on site supervision from the local permitting authorities, whether it’s a ‘cross race on state parks land, criterium on city streets, or road race on state highways. Most of our $2,500 permit fees go towards funding weekend extra Ranger coverage of the set-up and events days. California State Parks is seriously understaffed in the Bay Area parks and they could not find an available Ranger to cover our first event. The double-header weekend in November is good – we have coverage for that race but October 4th is a bust.”

High Temperatures Forecast for WSCXGP

9 September 2015

The forecast is for temperatures to approach triple digits this Saturday, 12 September, for the West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix presented by Cederon. Event organizers are urging competitors and spectators to prepare well for the heat, stay cool, and well hydrated. A release from the organizers indicates racers may carry water and receive water from the pit and describes efforts to help mitigate the heat.


Rock Lobster without Buckethead

17 July 2015

Paul Sadoff revealed his 2015-2016 Elite Rock Lobster Cyclocross team to Fit and Filthy this evening. Though racing out of the mid-west, Aaron Bradford may return to the fold. Second place in last season’s Sierra Point Night Race, Justin Abbott joins Max Judelson, last year’s outstanding and relatively unknown newcomer, to put forward a young, strong team.

Other racers include the returning stalwart Alex Work and the youngster Ian Stowe. Eric Nelson, Kailin Waterman, and Brandon Lehman also return this year.

Ellen Sherrill, Campbell Steers, and Kelly Chang will don Rock Lobster green to lead the Women’s contingent.

For the first time in seven seasons, Scott Chapin is set to wear other than a Rock Lobster kit this coming season. Chapin leaves his only cyclocross team to date and has moved to join Santa Cruz Bikes alongside Justin Robinson…watch out for that pair. Sadoff described Chapin as, despite a “different wavelength”, one that could turn his talent into winning at any time.

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Surf City to Race at Fairgrounds

16 October 2014

In an about-face but welcome move, the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds has agreed to allow Surf City Cyclo-X to hold a race at the favored locale. The Cal Fire Training Facility venue moves forward to 16 November, replacing Harbor High School. The Fairgrounds takes the 30 November date original set for Cal Fire.

Details appear on the Surf City website.