The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships in San Jose Postponed until 2017

10 December 2015

2016 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships-San Jose – Postponed until 2017.

Micah Rice the USAC Vice President of National Events and SuperPro had several in depth discussions that included the concerns we are hearing from many corners. The back and forth between the UCI, USAC and SuperPro has taken up several days and there are many concerns and rule sets to be addressed. The end result is a runway that is too short to land a plane this big. We all decided together that it would be for the best if we postpone the race until the following January. There simply is not enough lead-time to get something this big and this complicated (not to mention adding that special SuperPro flavor) ready in the six weeks we have left. Two weeks less than that if you consider the holidays.

We can positively guarantee you though that the event we put together will be seamless and so full of awesome cyclocross action that you too will need a full year to prepare for it so thank you in advance for supporting us in this difficult decision.

Murphy Mack

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