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2 December 2015

Marty Woy and the GHETO CX/NorCal CX/WSCXGP syndicate are running a survey to check the affinity of NorCal Nevada’s cyclocross community for events that earn USAC-points. Though currently they are Sacramento-centric, the efforts of Woy and Co produce good vibes at WSCXGP, Gheto mid-week pick-ups, Rodeocross mid-week night racing, and SacCX. Their influence has moved east over the big hill toward Reno’s Sagebrush Series. They wish to contribute to the entire community-at-large and help grow the sport further. Click on the image or link below to go to the latest survey. An earlier survey remains open and is available through the second link below the photograph.

2015 NORCAL CX Survey #2 USAC Specific_MG17456BASP

First survey: 2015 NorCal Cyclocross Association Series Survey

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