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Simpsons to Bow Out of BASP

30 October 2015

Tom Simpson is announcing 2015 is his and Alec’s last season running the Bay Area Super Prestige cyclocross races. Except for the CCCP race at Coyote Point, that will continue as a stand-alone event, Simpson says he will “bow out of event promotion”. The future for the remaining events in the group go over to Murphy Mack and SuperPro CX. “SuperPro Racing will provide the manpower to keep Tom and Alec Simpson’s BASP rolling on just as it is,” reported Mack by e-mail. “Nothing is changing, it is BASP as BASP has always been BASP.”

The Sun will Cease to Rise Over a Simpsons-led BASP Series

The Sun will Cease to Rise Over a Simpsons-led BASP Series

Tom Simpson says retirement and family are the significant reasons he will step away at the end of this year. “I’m 66. I physically can’t do much of the stuff that we used to,” said Simpson. “The other half is Alec’s young family. He wants to have those Fall weekends to play with his kids.”

“‘Cross in Northern California has developed a bunch of small intimate cultures,” continued Simpson. “There have been a lot of events created and expanded. Now they’re getting polished. It’s not just two orange cones and that’s their finish line. Now there are podium ceremonies. Back when we started that didn’t exist.

In the NorCal Nevada region, BASP is the largest draw for cyclocross and the change is certain to affect the community. Nevertheless, Tom and Alec Simpson and Pilarcitos will leave their indelible mark on the sport in the region. They held UCI races to add to the many memorable races across the Bay Area extending back to 2002. The Golden Gate Park venue was well liked and the Sierra Point Night race remains a favourite throughout the year. BASP has been a terrific example of promoting cyclocross races with an overall presentation, particularly for the local civic authorities, and what Tom Simpson calls “race furniture” and value for the community.

BASP/Tom & Alec Go Chapter 14!

Say what? Is that a new Bankruptcy category? NO, and for those like Tom who are hard-of-hearing, again – NO!

Our BASP Chapter 14 means that in our 14th year Tom & Alec will be retiring at the end of 2015 from almost all event promotion. BASP will continue in 2016 in a new Chapter, from SuperPro. We have reached the point in our regular work and family lives that we want the fall season back again for our families – back for kids soccer, for kids to go on camping trips, to fiddle around without concerns for permits, registration, staff assignments and everything else that is needed for our events. Here’s the list:

·Tom & Alec will conclude their BASP vintage at Coyote Point (CCCP) on December 6th. CCCP will remain as their only Pilarcitos event in the future. Lots of Red and Gold will show up next year but not as a BASP event.
·SuperPro will assume the reins in 2016. Direct quote from Murphy, “Nothing is broken or needs fixing”. This means no Belgian walls or water traps at Sierra Point or Candlestick, just more of the same BASP experience only from now on it’s Murphy who gets to do the weed mowing!
·Pilarcitos Cyclesports is still in the equipment rental business so you’ll see much of the same start/finish zone race “furniture” in 2016. And, we rent to ANYBODY – want to dress up your event? Hire us for the day, it just takes money.

And meanwhile, get registered for Tom & Alec’s last Night Race next Saturday – it’s going to be a doozy.

Tom & Alec Simpson Pilarcitos Cyclesports

For now, Tom Simpson is on gardening duty and preparing the course for the Sierra Point Night Race. The BASP season is about to begin for 2015 with the Sierra Point double-header on 7 and 8 November. The Candlestick Point weekend follows a fortnight later. Then the last Simpson-promoted BASP event runs on 6 December 2015 with Cyclocross at Coyote Point (CCCP). The anticipation for next year is Murphy Mack promoting two series each with their own distinct personalities: the robust sequence of events with “straight-out races” that is BASP and SuperPro CX with its tough and tumble, challenging courses.

A Huge Draw and Deeply Missed: BASP at Golden Gate Park

A Huge Draw and Deeply Missed: BASP at Golden Gate Park

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