The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Last Rodeocross for the Year Goes Beano

29 October 2015

It’s a time to smile wider and laugh louder, to scream, and yell, and shout, and heckle. It’s a time share with others that have the same bent for cyclocross, to hand up little dixie cups with fermented liquids, or stack thin metal cans as a faux barrier. Anyone that has been to a ‘cross night race understands. Once the sun goes down, the lights go up and so does the revelry. Rodeocross held its final event for 2015 yesterday and the evening was all that and simply electric: many racers raced in costume, as opposed to a costumed race; Marty Woy and Matt Hargrove spun the vinyl, without a dulcet note throughout the night; Woy himself revved up the crowd as the Master of Heckles; Nathan Powell went a pair of tidy-whities short of nudity; and the Shoemakers closed out their Rodeocross series for this season in fine form. One is hard pressed to celebrate halloween any better.

Once the Sun Goes Down on Rodeocross Everything Happens

Once the Sun Goes Down on Rodeocross Everything Happens

‘Cross Races at night have become even more popular in the NorCal Nevada region this season. On top of the perennial Sierra Point Night Race and Lou Night Fest, SuperPro CX, Santa Rosa Cup CX, and SacCX have held or will hold their version of ‘cross roister in the dark. One of the many differences for Rodeocross is their night race occurs weekly throughout the series and it takes place in an intimate venue at the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena in Folsom. The even more intimate Sherwood Forest and its congregation site of Heckle Hallow focuses and amplifies the festivities.

Kateřina Nash Doffs Luna Blue and White in Exchange for the Bumble Bee

Kateřina Nash Doffs Luna Blue and White in Exchange for the Bumble Bee

Kateřina Nash became the second Elite National Champion this season to race at Rodeocross. She followed this year’s Australian Champion Lisa Jacobs, who raced an event in September. John and Linda Elgart are frequent racers at the event, as they were for the season finale. Trying to describe her race, Jacobs said earlier this year “The closest I can think of is CrossVegas because it was such a good atmosphere. The spectators were amazing. Heckle Hallow was just awesome. I took a beer about four times. It was awesome. I really wish we had something like that in Australia. [Rodeocross] showcases California ‘cross in a way that no other race does.”

Stace Cooper Goes Airborne in Airborne Kit

Stace Cooper Goes Airborne in Airborne Kit

Last night’s Rodeocross race ran a spiral in the dirt arena before moving the racers up the stadium stairs, via a set of four plank barriers. After racing on pavement, grass, and packed dirt, the field dives into the dusty, twisty, and loud Heckle Hollow. The crowd grows as the races fall away leaving the largest number of spectators to roil for the “A” race. Then the celebration gets into a full head of steam and spectators look for any excuse to interact with the racers, through hand-ups and heckles. The racers themselves give back with high jinks and stunts. Once it’s all over, there are many a smile as many chip in for clean up and tear down. The Shoemakers did well to revive this series last year and the promise is for more seasons to come beginning with 2016.

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