The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

JPM Walk Through

9 October 2015

The SuperPro CX course at tomorrow’s Joaquin Miller Park is 1.5 miles of hard riding with plenty of elevation changes up and down. The area for the finish line looked tranquil this morning but come the ‘morrow the rest of the course is chock full of challenges and hard riding. The terrain changes between paved road, grassy meadow, and hard-packed dirt. In amongst that are the occasional knobby rock protruding through the surface, loose sections of built-up dirt and plant debris, and soft, well-worn turns. Soft-enough ground to reveal clandestine pre-rides that followed the course map posted on the race’s web page.

Today's Tranquil-Meadow - Tomorrow's Finish Line

Today’s Tranquil-Meadow – Tomorrow’s Finish Line

Murphy Mack is laying out a course with at least two run-ups. The darling of the circuit is a stair-option to match the reputation of a McClaren or Toro Park. It follows a fast dirt down-hill before racers turn left and choose a riding or stair-climbing line.

The forecast weather conditions is for mostly sunny and temperatures into the low seventies Fahrenheit. The early categories may see cool enough conditions in amongst the wooded sections and under the morning dew. The course will become warm and dusty as the day progresses.

One May Choose a Line at the Big Run-Up

One May Choose a Line at the Big Run-Up


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