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The State of Cyclocross in NorCal Nevada

27 September 2015

The cyclocross skills on display today at SacCX-Orangevale Park went from this:

John Elgart

John Elgart

To this:

Nate Thalhamer

Nate Thalhamer

Racers displayed excellent technique in ‘cross up and down the age-groups and all across the course. Taking SacCX’s first event of the season as a barometer for cyclocross in NorCal Nevada bodes very well for the region this year. By the numbers for typically smaller fields in recent years, Orangevale Park saw 394 race-entries including 22 Junior Men, 10 Junior Women, and 60 race-entries for Women in categories of both genders. This follows up 70 and 84 Women respectively at CrossReno and West Sac and a total of 43 Juniors at both of those events.

NorCal Nevada ‘cross for 2015-16 has already managed a terrific start to the season. With these numbers and quality of racing, the future looks promising for the region.

2 responses

  1. Tom Switzer

    And to think, a number of us were racing CCCX in Prunedale instead. The turnout there was good as well. I talked to a number of new racers (some roadie crossovers mainly, doing their first CX race and getting hooked). The fields look to be large this year.

    28 September 2015 at 8:48 am

    • Average race-entries for the NorCal Nevada region after six events is close to 300.

      28 September 2015 at 9:27 am

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