The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

October Candlestick Cancelled

24 September 2015

BASP’s race at Candlestick Point on 4 October is cancelled!

The event requires a State Park Ranger but none is available for the October date. As a permit is unavailable without appropriate coverage, the promotor is forced to cancel the event.

BASP still plan to hold their Sierra Point and Candlestick Point double-headers in November along with Coyote Point in December.

After an absence of 9 years, the Clark Natwick GP successfully returned to the local scene in 2014 as last year’s single day event at Candlestick. The disappointing news of its cancellation for this year, along with the loss of the Golden Gate Park venue in 2012, is an example of the difficulties encountered in organizing races.

Tom Simpson wrote by e-mail:
“The State Park ranger in charge of special events can’t find an available Ranger to cover Candlestick in October. No Ranger – No permit. We’ve had to cancel the October 4th date – but all other events/dates are good. State Park staff are seriously understaffed – our last Candlestick Ranger, with whom we worked since 2004 – lived in Stockton. It was cheaper for her to stay in a local motel 3 nights a week than try to relocate closer – and this was back in 2004! Any Ranger interested in taking a job in the Bay Area needs to have a serious sugar daddy to afford housing on Ranger salary.

Any special event requires on site supervision from the local permitting authorities, whether it’s a ‘cross race on state parks land, criterium on city streets, or road race on state highways. Most of our $2,500 permit fees go towards funding weekend extra Ranger coverage of the set-up and events days. California State Parks is seriously understaffed in the Bay Area parks and they could not find an available Ranger to cover our first event. The double-header weekend in November is good – we have coverage for that race but October 4th is a bust.”

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