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Buckethead to Ply his ‘Cross with Santa Cruz Factory Team

1 September 2015

Recently, Paul Sadoff revealed Scott Chapin’s move to the new Santa Cruz Factory Racing Team. The comment that struck as “most interesting” was a reminder that Rock Lobster had been Chapin’s only cyclocross team. Often known as Buckethead and sometimes as the mascot and inspiration to his team, Chapin is both a character (Sadoff described it as a different wavelength) and a great cyclocross racer. Perfect evidence of the former may well come from Chapin’s interview with NorCal Cycling News after a race in 2012.

The calibre of Chapin’s results attest to his capability as a cyclocross racer. From six of the last seven BASP Sierra Point Night Races, Chapin’s average finishing position is second (2.3), including wins at the two most recent runnings. Throughout the 2014-15 season, he finished only once outside the top five in 16 regional races. In previous years, Chapin has been a frequent podium or top-five finisher.

Chapin's First 'Cross Race for Santa Cruz

Chapin’s First ‘Cross Race for Santa Cruz

At the inaugural Lobster Cup, a fund raiser for his former team, Chapin sported his new togs along with teammate Justin Robinson. Afterwards, he shared about some of his thoughts surrounding the recent move.

“I got on Paul [Sadoff’s] team after my first year of racing ‘cross, when I was getting introduced to the sport. I was really stoked to be riding for a custom frame builder and such a cool team. With all the other good people on the team, it was a really good scene, did a lot for me, and I had a great thing going on. It was good for me. It was good for Paul.

“The whole time I’ve been on Rock Lobster I’ve worked at Santa Cruz. That company has grown a lot and it’s been really great to work for them and be part of their growth as a company.”

Chapin was known both separately and simultaneously as a mountain biker and cyclocross racer, riding on a Rock Lobster or Santa Cruz bike, sometimes to the confusion of others. He only caught the tail end of the first Stigmata bike whilst with Santa Cruz. The 2015 edition brought along a new opportunity for the distinctly mustachioed rider.

“Santa Cruz decided to remake the Stigmata in carbon,” continued Chapin, “which is a really awesome bike. They approached me to ride for the Factory Racing Team. It seemed to work out pretty good. Santa Cruz really wanted to get me on the Stigmata and race ‘cross for them but I also have a full sport for mountain bike racing.

“I’m really excited about being on the same team as Justin Robinson. Since I started racing cyclocross I’ve admired him as a bike racer and human being. He’s a great dude, has a great family, works hard, and is an amazing bike racer. I’m really stoked to be racing with Justin Robinson. That’s only gonna help me do better.”

Head to toe, Chapin’s livery and bike are now all Santa Cruz. Though cyclocross is an important aspect for the team, Chapin will also spend much time in mountain bike races. He travelled extensively this past summer for Santa Cruz to race enduro at the Andes Pacifico (8th), Trans-Provence (13th), SRAM Canadian Open EWS, and races in Oregon. Though his plans for the upcoming season remain fluid, Chapin will travel to CrossVegas for the industry race, then to Trans-Cascadia, the Grinduro race on a ‘cross bike, and many of the regional cyclocross events. As expected, there is a focus on Sierra Point Night Race, because “I really like that one,” said Chapin. He has also targeted a win at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships this year in Victoria, British Columbia. “That’s going to be an awesome party. I’ll be in full swing by then.”

Chapin also has an eye on single speed at Nationals in Asheville NC, though most of the season he will ride in geared races with his ‘cross bike as a single speed.

Chapin Going Table Top at Surf City Cyclo-X, Circa 2010

Chapin Going Table Top at Surf City Cyclo-X, Circa 2010

Scott Chapin’s Choice of Hand Up
“Money. Hundred dollar bills.”

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