The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Onto Rodeocross

31 August 2015

“As serious as you want it to be.”

With the recent Lobster Cup having begun this season’s NorCal Nevada cyclocross racing, during the month of August, the very next event on the regional calendar is Rodeocross from Bikenerd. The mid-week evening series opens on 2 September and afterwards runs every Wednesday until 28 October, 14 October excepted. Themselves earnestly invested in the series, Asa and Frank Shoemaker are the organizers into their second season. The couple took over and revived the event to many kudos following a 1 year interruption.

Folsom Rodeocross Logo

Racing takes place at the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena in Folsom; part of the incandescent-lit course ranges through a wooded area affectionately named “Sherwood Forest.” Of course, the atmosphere there is more carnival and akin to “Men in Tights”. The local community are able to take easy advantage of the series but others would be well rewarded making a mid-week trek to Folsom. A main attraction of Rodeocross is a section known as Heckle Hollow. A quintessential location for spectators to gather, rave, and roar. Knowledgable racers have been known to compete at Rodeocross who demand their heckles are up to calibre. Woe betide the unfortunate spectator unable to make the grade.

The final race of the series is the Wednesday before Halloween. It sets the stage for costumed adults to act like kids again, both off and on the bike.

Wild and Rollicking Heckle Hallow - Photo Credit: Jeff Namba

Wild and Rollicking Heckle Hallow – Photo Credit: Jeff Namba

Race Times
6:00pm – Cat C
6:45pm – Cat B
7:45pm – Cat A

List of Sponsors
Victory Velo Bike Shop
Glide Paddleboards
Clean Coat Painting
Wily Fox Technologies

Further and up-to-date details on times, location, dates, and registration are available at Bikenerd.

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