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NorCal Nevada Hoist the Cup

29 August 2015

With the Lobster Cup concluded late this afternoon, the 2015-16 season of cyclocross is now underway for NorCal Nevada. The turnout was simply terrific at Bonny Doon, particularly for the first two races of the event. Despite the early overcast and misty morning, temperatures were good and gave way to warm and sunny in the afternoon.

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for Much of the Race

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for much of the Race

For the Elite Men and Women, Cal Giant riders ruled the roost. First Rachel Lloyd took the Women’s race win followed by Ortenblad for the Men. In a terrific race for the new Rock Lobster rider, Caroline Dezendorf grabbed an early lead and, finishing second in the end, never allowed Lloyd any respite. Ortenblad had an easier time of it in his race but the Rock Lobster duo of Max Judelson and Drew Juliano were in contention early.

For those that have known nothing else but, Scott Chapin raced today in other than Rock Lobster kit; Justin Robinson and Chapin rode today for the Santa Cruz Bikes factory team.

The flat, purpose-built course proved suitable for a first race of a season though, true to this region for August and September, conditions were very bumpy and dusty. There were log barriers, a section of pump track, berms, a 30m-long pit with first coarse gravel and then finer sand, a table-top jump, and a flyover bridge. The tree-covered section was mostly single track and very technical in portions. Dust made it precarious during the early laps of some races as log barriers became obscured and difficult to visually locate. Nevertheless, many many riders were happy with the day’s racing and the event could become a classic race to start each and every season should it return annually.

A full coverage race report with more photographs and results will appear on Fit and Filthy tomorrow.

Lobster Cup Gallery

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