The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

SuperPro CX Gives Way to Jensie

21 August 2015

“They said it couldn’t be done… they didn’t count on SuperPro!”

And what a masterstroke it is! Murphy Mack and SuperPro CX, née NorCal CX, have moved their first race venue from the originally planned Stafford Lake to Oakland’s Joaquin Miller Park. The change is in part to accommodate promoters of the Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin. Nevertheless, Mack reports “it was an opportunity to take the Joaquin Park Oakland venue, something we’ve been eyeing for a while, and that trumps Stafford Lake.”

Backdrop to Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX's Newest Venue - Photo Credit Murphy Mack

Backdrop to Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX’s Newest Venue – Photo Credit Murphy Mack

Fans of the “bucolic” Stafford need not fret for too long as Mack says a return to Novato is likely next year.

Instead, this season, ‘cross racers will enjoy the proverbial “million-dollar view” as the JMP holds a vista over Alameda, Oakland, and San Francisco along with the Bay and Golden Gate bridges. This is certain to become an outstanding distraction between races and the SuperPro CX crew are certain to marshall a challenge for this cyclocross course over the Bay. Does anyone hear a crooning Tony Bennett?

SuperPro CX’s season begins at Joaquin Miller Park on 10 October before moving onto Whitehill School, Fairfax (17 October), Dan Foley Park, Vallejo (24 October), and finally Lake Cunningham, San Jose (12 December). Registration for a season-long “SuperPass” is open now. Further details are available at the series website.

Editor’s Note:
It is rumored Murphy Mack refers to his SuperPro crew as ‘consigliere’. In the mind’s eye of Fit and Filthy, Mack gains access to Joaquin Miller Park whilst sitting in a darkened room and saying, as his hand motions to and fro, fingers bent towards him, “I’ll make you a ‘cross course racers can’t refuse!”

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