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Rowe and Reno Roll Boxcars for Nats 2018

17 August 2015

The NorCal Nevada cyclocross region is set to host the USAC National Cyclo-cross Championships in 2018. Good foresight and discussions between Shelli Fine, of the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, and Coby Rowe together led to a successful bid for the event. In part because of the size and draw of cycling in the region and the growth in the sport of cyclocross, holding the national championships in Reno is both an outstanding choice and apt reward for the local community of bicycle-racers.


In charge of the local organizing committee and Principal of Glacier Cycling, Coby Rowe’s pedigree is redoubtable. “My involvement with cyclocross goes back to the USGP, Bruce Fina and Joan Hanscom, and Brook Watt’s race,” said Rowe. “I was able to sink my teeth doing all their apparel and watch them run those races and how they did things. Working with CrossVegas since then gives me great examples of how races are run. I hope to carry a lot of that forward.

“Part of our big pitch to USA Cycling was Reno is part of the massive Northern California/Nevada cycling district and there’s a lot of growth in cyclocross there. USA Cycling realizes that, in these growing markets, having the championships [here] spurs that growth even further.

“For Reno, as a destination for Nationals, there is tons of open space. You really get a good mix in a cyclocross race having to navigate urban features along with a really challenging run up. [There is] a lot of open space to have tons of freedom with course design.

“The proximity of the venue is a mile from downtown. I’ll have to check my math but there are 3,500 plus hotel rooms within a 10-15 minute walk. The convenience of the venue to downtown was a positive factor. That time of year, January, is traditionally when room rates are really low. It creates a lot of opportunity for traveling cyclists.”

The event is to be held at the Rancho San Rafael Park. “Our focus during the week of Nationals,” continued Rowe, “is to have a few different events around town that would draw people into our growing mid-town area. Some of the parks around the river, where there are great venues for people to have get togethers, expose people to all the food and things that Reno has.”

The host hotel is reputed as one of the nicest properties downtown. The Silver Legacy Resort Casino also has a terrific reputation for their support of local bicycle racing for the Reno Wheelmen, Tour de Nez, and the District Cyclocross Championships back in 2010. “The main factor in choosing the Silver Legacy was room rates for the competitors. The fact that they are known for supporting cycling events and children’s causes was icing.”

For the 2017-18 season, NorCal Nevada cyclocross will have the treat of CrossReno in September and Nats on the following January. Rowe points out the two will utilize the “same synergies and a lot of collaboration”. Both together add tremendously to the region’s cyclocross community going forward from today and beyond 2018.

Rowe himself has taken upon an important role for the local cyclocross community as well as for the NorCal Nevada region. On top of the National Cyclo-cross Championships, he is joined by Noah Silverman and Nick Schaffner in running the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series. The first event of that calendar is ShadowIndustries’ CrossReno. The coming together of Teal Stetson-Lee and Rowe, at a cyclocross race last year, led to Rowe becoming the Lead in Race Operations for CrossReno.

Thanks to Rowe, among many others, Northern Nevada is leading the way of late with top notch events and cyclocross racing for the region.

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