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West Sac Back for More Jam

27 July 2015

The West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix, presented by Cederon, is set to run again on 12 September 2015 at the River Walk Park. The successful inaugural event last year proved popular with over 350 racers on the day, including four categories each with more than 40 competitors.

“One of the reasons why the WSCXGP was so awesome and so successful is teams from the Bay Area showing up in force,” reports Matt Hargrove. “It was awesome. That singlespeed race last year was fantastic because we had a whole bunch of really fast guys come in from the Bay Area.

“The response throughout the year from folks has been extremely positive. I think the vibe we were able to put together last year, Rich Maile and Pete Knudson putting together such an awesome racecourse, and that we had such a great facility, all those things together really went well.

“Most have been raving about the race, making sure its coming back, asking when it is, and trying to see if we’re on track for making it a bigger and better race. The vibe has been all very positive.”

One May Have This Much Fun at WSCXGP

One May Have This Much Fun at WSCXGP

Registration opens at TimeYourRace on 1 August 2015. One would be well advised to register early as the USAC event has a rule-imposed limitation for the maximum size of fields simultaneously on course. Matt Hargrove reports some changes from last year to the groupings of categories to ensure meeting the rules.

The course and venue remain the same. Three bands are expected to play throughout the day. Returning for the event are the local food trucks as well as Bike Dog Brewing and the beer tent. As before, prizes are equal for both genders and the promotors sport “the largest women’s prize in California cyclocross”.

“We did get some constructive feedback that we’re trying to make sure we put into effect this year,” continued Hargrove. “Some of that stuff was our first time putting on a big race together and being swamped by people. Our start line was a little chaotic last year and we hope to have a very organized and very well run start line this year. Our biggest lesson learned from last year is to put more thought into calls-ups.”

This year, look to see a BASP-style commencement to races at WSCXGP.

CrossVegas is a catalyst for the WSCXGP and top racers from outside the region could well make an appearance. After placing fourth for Elite Women last year, Lisa Jacobs from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia is a definite to tune up again at the River Walk Park. Teal Stetson-Lee and CrossReno this year will form a partnership of sorts as racers from both areas will attend each other’s single-day events on successive weekends.

WSCXGP-USAC Flyer-2015

WSCXGP remains on a course to becoming a UCI event. “There are a lot of different variables to making that happen,” said Hargrove, “so we’re still pointed in that direction and we feel positive about it.” There is hope for WSXGP’s inclusion on the Cyclo-Cross National Calendar (CXNC) this year or in 2016, a necessary next step toward the ProCX calendar.

Hargrove admits an important aspect to reaching the goal of a UCI race is to hold onto their valued and current sponsors as well as attract more corporate support. “We have great sponsorship for a local and regional race,” remarks Hargrove, “but in order to jump to the next level it takes bigger sponsorship dollars. I think we need another good successful year to show we’re one of the largest races in Northern California. By showing last year was not a fluke, having racers turn out in numbers, we’ll get the sponsorship.”

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