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More Capital ‘Cross from the Capitol

23 July 2015

The Sacramento Cyclocross Series now has a full calendar in place. The eight-race season opens on 27 September 2015, at Orangevale Park. The Lange Twins venue holds a date earlier than usual in the season, on 25 October. SacCX then plans to stage racing at a unique locale in the Sacramento Raceway (13 Decemebr 2015).

Cody Kaiser - a Frequenter of SacCX

Cody Kaiser – a Frequenter of SacCX

“We were really happy with how last season went so the schedule will stay the same for the most part,” wrote Jennifer Claassen by e-mail. “Just a few tweaks: we will have three single speed categories this year in Elite Single Speed A Men, Master Single Speed B Men 35+, and a Single Speed B Men Open category. We’re switching the times for the A’s and the Master B’s races to encourage more people to cheer on the elite racers earlier in the day.

“We’re partnering with Bell Coaching to add a “Lycra-free lap” right after the kids race,” continued Claassen. “This is designed for people who are hesitant to sign-up for an entire race but are interested in giving cyclocross a try!

“Our grand finale, Race 8, will be the first-ever Sacramento Cyclocross night race at the Sacramento Raceway. We’ll start on the 1/4-mile dragstrip next to the race tree, and use the lighted moto-track and other mud run areas of the property.

“And perhaps the most exciting addition is our partnering with the non-profit group ‘Bikes for Kids’ to host a beer garden at every race where permits and local ordinances allow. The beer gardens serve Yolo Brewing Company beer and half the proceeds to go to ‘Bikes for Kids’ to provide bikes for underprivileged children in Central California.

“It’s gearing up to be an awesome season and we’re really excited about all the support we’re receiving.”

Many of the SacCX venues are within a reasonable driving time from the Bay Area, with Sacramento itself under 90 minutes from San Francisco. And the series provides a terrific opportunity for racers from all categories to compete with those hailing from afar locales of the region.

Without doubt, SacCX is an important series centrally placed within the NorCal Nevada region. It is a focal point for the Sacramento cyclocross scene that features mid-week pick-up races in July and August, a superb effort to introduce others to the sport. Another local and mid-week event is RodeoCross with its wooly and wild heckle-fest in Sherwood Forest.

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