The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Team Caletti – Complete with Red Caps

19 July 2015

Take a gander at the About Team Caletti web page and one is greeted with a gaggle of smiling and laughing faces, quizzical looks, doffing of caps, plus a few other antics squeezed into a fair number of still frames. This a group of cyclocross racers “coming into what they want to be as a team,” describes Emery Wedel, himself a single speeder who can really fly over the boards. “[We are] a fairly tight-knit group of friends that came together through the team. It’s a core group of riders that just like to race and have a good time.”

Emery Wedel and his Caletti Defy Newton

Emery Wedel and his Caletti Defy Newton

The grass roots cyclocross team out of Santa Cruz will focus on racing at Surf City and its District Championships, SuperPro, BASP, and Central Coast. With their new sponsor Ninkasi Brewing, expect to see the team head up to Eugene, Oregon and perhaps a race or two of the Cross Crusade series.

Racing on Caletti machinery allows the riders to take advantage of options such as selection of materials and geometry, giving the team ample opportunity to represent the brand.

“I guess I wouldn’t say we’re necessarily an extremely competitive group,” remarks Wedel. “Everyone enjoys racing and competing. But we definitely like to encourage each other throughout the season. We try to push each other into the next category up. I think that also encourages people to perform harder themselves and not just for the team. We also try to be ambassadors for our sponsors and especially for John Caletti.”

Fun Fact
The team is themed after the film “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. Editors note: But which member is Ned Plimpton?

Team Roster
Emery Wedel – Single Speed A
Jeremiah Kille – Master 35+ A
Troy Malmin – Master 35+ A
Emily McKissock – Elite Women
Lindsey Collins – Master Women 35+ A
Josh Tabije – Master 35+ B
Jed Wilson – Open Men B
Joey Stanwyck – Open Men B

John Caletti – Zissou/Frame Builder
Peter Thomsen – Photographer/Design
Ryan Thompson – Chef/Stuntman

2015/16 Sponsors
Ninkasi Brewing Company
Castelli Cycling
Totally Tubular Design
Sawyer Land and Sea Supply
Verve Coffee Roasters
Kohi Labs
Smith Optics
Easton Cycling

About Team Caletti
Really it’s bigger than just a race team, it’s more a community of friends, racers, riders, coming together to share good times riding skinny tires in the dirt. We motivate and support each other to be better riders and have even more fun doing it. We are also riding hard on our custom Caletti race machines, providing feedback to John Caletti as he continues to refine his ‘cross bike offerings.”

Web store with 2015/16 kit: Shop Team Caletti

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