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BASP Closes Out at Coyote Point

8 December 2014

The final event on the 2014 BASP season saw Andy Jacques-Maynes (Ibis/Family Cycling Center) quickly respond to an early fast pace and take the win for Elite Men. Other than starting behind the front row, Caro Gomez-Villafañe (Vanderkitten CX) was never really troubled in her win in the race for Elite Women.

Andy Jacques-Maynes Heads into the Hill Section

Andy Jacques-Maynes Heads into the Hill Section

One of the favoured courses in the Northern California, Northern Nevada cyclocross region is Coyote Point and its famed beach run. Unlike some previous years, the beach run was very rideable and never threatened much by the rising tide late in the afternoon. The course stretches to and from a hill with challenging climbs, fast downhills, and treacherous tree roots along single track. The long, flat, and fast sections elsewhere were interrupted by plank barriers and a gravel trap.

Dalton Recovers Well
The previous day’s Kitten of Vallejo winner Janie Dalton (First Republic Bank) lined up alongside Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law), Kristin Drumm (CX Nation), and Leah Peck (Fresh Air/Hunter) for the Elite Women’s race. Emily McKissock (Caletti Cycles) lead the charge off the start line with Drumm, Peck, and Dalton in close pursuit up the hill. However, Gomez-Villafañe came off a second row call-up to become the first rider to exit the wooded hill. Brems was a close second whilst Drumm came out in third but already 10 seconds in arrears.

Caro Gomez-Villafañe hits the Beach Run

Caro Gomez-Villafañe hits the Beach Run

Dalton was now in ninth place after falling afoul of another rider that crashed at the sand pit. Just ahead of Dalton was Kathleen Bryan (Fresh Air/Hunter), another racer that would feature further up the field later in the race.

By the beach run on the second lap, Bryan and Dalton had moved up to fourth and fifth with the Fresh Air/Hunter racer just 5 seconds behind Drumm in third. Dalton was a further 14 seconds back. At the sharper end of the race, Gomez-Villafañe was already stretching away and nearly 30 seconds ahead of Brems in second; there was a full minute to the third place racer.

Though many in the past are used to seeing her never letting a leader too far away, as races settle in, Brems’ day never really came to the fore and her gap to the leader slowly ballooned out. Behind the three-time World Champion, however, Dalton was putting in a terrific effort from her first lap mishap. With three remaining on the lap card, Dalton was ahead of Drumm at the end of the beach run for fourth place. The next lap, Dalton gained another position and was now third ahead of Bryan.

Janie Dalton Recovers from a First-Lap Mishap to take Third

Janie Dalton Recovers from a First-Lap Mishap to take Third

With the race fast running out of laps, Dalton’s progressed was complete. Gomez-Villafañe took the win with well over 90 seconds to spare. Brems’ second was her fourth in five attempts at BASP this season and deserves recognition for her consistency throughout the region. Dalton took the third step of the podium ahead of Bryan in fourth. Tanya Grossman (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club) took fifth after passing a fading Kristin Drumm.

Who’s in Fourth
Sean Estes (Muscle Milk/Specialized) put in a stellar first lap in the Elite Men’s race. Estes’ fast pace lead for much of the circuit with Rainier Schaefer (MashSF) his closest challenger once the field raced out onto the flat sections. However, as Estes neared the finish line at the end of that first lap, both Jacques-Maynes and Sam Cerruti (Ibis/Family Cycling Center) had there sites set on the leader. Sitting in seventh earlier on the flats, one would never expect Jacques-Maynes to let the caliber of Estes loose on the course out front. The Family Cycling Center team mates quickly assumed first and second place on the second lap and continued to race in that order for the remainder of the race.

Sean Estes Storms Out to an Early Lead

Sean Estes Storms Out to an Early Lead

Estes had dropped back into a race for third with Schaefer whilst Max Judelson (Rock Lobster/Voler/Steven’s Creek BMW/HRS) was charging hard from fifth place.

Four laps in, Cerruti was right on Jacques-Maynes’ wheel starting up the hill section. Judelson, meanwhile, had moved up into third place just 24 seconds behind the leader.

As Estes and Schaefer continued their tussle, now for fourth place, Justin Robinson (Cal Giant/Specialized) began an attack of his own from sixth position. At one point, Robinson was within 15 seconds of vying for fourth place but was unable to sustain the charge.

Instead Robinson fell into the clutches of Kirt Fitzpatrick (OrNot). Having started with a poor call-up, and sitting fifteenth on the first lap, the OrNot racer passed Robinson and made significant inroads into the gap to the fourth and fifth place battle. Fitzpatrick eventually added his name in that claim and then succeeded in getting away from Estes and Schaefer on the final lap.

Jacques-Maynes dropped Cerruti to roll on for the win. Judelson crossed the finish line in third needing another lap or two to challenge for second. Estes grabbed the final position of the presentation-podium.

Select Results
Elite Women
1. Caro Gomez-Villafañe (Vanderkitten CX)
2. Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law)
3. Janie Dalton (First Republic Bank/Missing Link)
4. Kathleen Bryan (Fresh Air/Hunter)
5. Tanya Grossman (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)
6. Kristin Drumm (CX Nation)
7. Megan Alderete

Elite Men
1. Andy Jacques-Maynes (Ibis/Family Cycling Center)
2. Sam Cerruti (Ibis/Family Cycling Center)
3. Max Judelson (Rock Lobster/Voler/Steven’s Creek BMW/HRS)
4. Kirt Fitzpatrick (OrNot)
5. Sean Estes (Muscle Milk/Specialized)
6. Rainier Schafer (MashSF)
7. Justin Robinson (Cal Giant/Specialized)

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