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Surf City At Last

15 October 2014

Surf City Sets its Calendar

Described by Jeff Clark as “better late than never”, the Surf City Cyclo-X Series posted their complete calendar for the 2014-15 season. The series opens on 25 October, with a training clinic at Aptos High School, but the Grandaddy of US cyclocross holds its perennial Hallow’s Eve race the following day. In addition to the cyclocross, this event has brought out many a gob-dropping costume on a bike.

_mgd6571 surf city cyclo-x

Details for Surf City’s season appear on the series’ web site.

The second and third races are 16 November at Harbor High School and 30 November at the Cal Fire Training Facility.

Clark attributes the absence of a race at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds to a ‘changing of the guard’, of sorts. “It’s been a struggle working with the fairgrounds this season,” wrote Clark by e-mail, “they’ve undergone an admin staff change and the grounds maintenance person we’ve worked with for the last several years has retired. It seems like they don’t want anything to do with cycling events for now.” Clark remains hopeful for a return to the Fairgrounds next year.

It's the Place to See Paule's Cheeks

It’s the Place to See Paule’s Cheeks

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