The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

From the Boulder Weekend

18 September 2014

World and National 55+ Champion Henry Kramer (Cal Giant Masters/Specialized) finished seventeenth of 39 at the US Open of Cyclocross in Boulder, last Saturday. It was much more than a respectful finish racing in the Master Men 35+ category. Likewise, George Smith (Marc Pro-Strava) finished in 34th place whilst racing 20 years below his racing age-group.

Henry Kramer

Henry Kramer

CX Nation’s Sage Aldebaran, racing in his age bracket, grabbed 21st for Master Men 35+ in the US Open. Aldebaran also finished 32nd out of 43 the next day at the Boulder Cup.

Robert Meighan (Cal Giant Masters/Specialized) had a good weekend finishing 14th out of 61 at the US Open and 21st out of 72 at the Boulder Cup, both in the Master Men 45+ category.

Robert Meighan

Robert Meighan

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