The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

The Region’s Giants in Many Ways

2 September 2014

Some of the World’s better cyclocross racers, in their various racing age-groups, ride for the regional Cal Giant Masters team. The individuals and team add a competitive edge to races in the area and will continue to do so again this upcoming season. With some support from Anthony Galliano and California Giant Berry Farms, the team is by and large self-funded. “For the most part, I run this whole thing and put together a pretty darn good Masters team,” remarked Team Director Gannon Myall, in a claim that is difficult to refute.

Reaching the Top of the Hill and More in 2013-14 - Henry Kramer

Reaching the Top of the Hill and More in 2013-14 – Henry Kramer

2014-15 Team Line-Up
Eric Bustos (45+)
James Coats (50+), National Champion Emeritus
Brian Finnerty (40+)
Ana Flores (40+)
Todd Hoefer (45+), National Champion Emeritus
Henry Kramer (55+), 2014 World and National Champion
Norm Kreiss (55+)
Rob Meighan (50+)
John Mundelius (45+)
Gannon Myall (50+), Team Director
Justin Robinson (35+), National Champion Emeritus

The team will feature well in the local scene and intend to flex their ‘cross mastery at BASP, CCCX, Surf City, and the Sacramento Cyclocross Series with its District Championships. The wider travel plans and goals for USAC points are equally extensive as they represent themselves, their team, their country, and NorCal at top races throughout the US and the World.

Boulder Cup – 14 September 2014
Providence Cyclocross Festival – 4-5 October 2014
Spooky Cross – 25-26 October 2014
Jingle Cross – 14-16 November 2014
UCI Masters World Championships – 3-4 January 2015
USAC Cyclo-cross National Championships – 7-11 January 2015

“The main focus is to win National Championships and repeat at Worlds in Switzerland,” continued Myall. “We’ve got the 5-year age categories covered from 35 all the way up to the 55-60 category. We should be pretty darn competitive at the National levels and World Championships. The competition [in NorCal] is unbelievable with the Don Myrahs of the World. With guys ageing up I think it’s going to a lot tougher this year. I am trying to prep my guys.

“We’ve been a big advocate of [bringing UCI races to Northern California] by talking to promoters the last couple of years. My team suffers because we have to spend so much money to travel outside of the area to get the points. Thankfully most of us score and race into the top seven so we don’t have to worry too much. But still, there’s one or two of us don’t make it. We are a team so we rally together.

“What we’ve done in the past is talk with the promoters trying to get them to commit to USAC races and help our region as a whole. Not just us but the other riders that spend the money and the time to race Nationally. We try to be a good advocate for cyclocross in our area, our network, in that respect. I feel a lot of people look up to us so we feel to a certain sense that we have a service to provide for [the community]. As Masters we want to contribute as much as possible.

“We always try to mentor no matter if they’re are on the team or not. It’s why cyclocross is such a big draw is because it is such a great community.”

Cal Giant Masters Gallery

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