The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Series Updates

1 September 2014

The anticipation is building with just 5 days and a short work-week away until weekend racing begins for Northern California-Nevada cyclocross. The first weekend sees racing in Sacramento and at Fort Ord with the West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix, presented by Cedaron, and well-established CCCX series. Nearly all the regional series have their calendars firmed up but there were last-minute changes and a few outstanding details.

Sagebrush Cyclocross Series
Out in the districts second Enn, Eric Greif and Sagebrush move their series opener forward by 1 week to 20 September 2014 at Reno’s Peavine Creek Dam. Their 2-day omnium is also brought forward to 4-5 October at Hidden Valley (Saturday) and Truckee Bike Park (Sunday). The series is at the edges of the region but certainly not forgotten.

Surf City Cyclo-X
As of last week, Surf City reported to Fit and Filthy that their venues still remain unconfirmed. The current leaning is a return to the Calfire Training Facility, Bonny Doon, “ideally at the end of the series when there will be a chance that rain will knock down the dust,” reports Jeff Clark, the Surf City “web dude”. “Jed Wilson, the captain at Calfire who suggested we have an event there in the first place and who won the C category overall last season, wants us back, and their schedule is flexible.”

All Hallow’s ‘Cross may run at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds with Pie ‘Cross at a high school. The Family Cycling Center is a presenting sponsor this season with additional support from Marin Bikes. Race permitting will come through NABRA. Mary Perez stresses that the current venues need a disclaimer as they may very well change before the Surf City season begins in late October.

Fresno County Cyclocross
FCCX now confirms its venues on their website. The “high-altitude” locales are both before the Thanksgiving holiday so one would have to honour the weather-deities for “snow” races.

27 September 2014 – FCCX #1, San Joaquin River Cyclocross at Lost Lake Recreation Area
25 October 2014 – FCCX #2, Mile High Cyclocross at Shaver Lake Civic Center Park
15 November 2014 – FCCX #3, Almost Mile High Cyclocross at Pine Ridge Elementary School
20 December 2014 – FCCX #4, Kings River Cyclocross at Choinumni Park and Campground

Sacramento Cyclocross Series
SacCX move their season opener at Orangevale Park back to 12 October 2014. They also confirmed their final race for Historic Old Sacramento on 17 January 2015. Jennifer Claassen says “Our goal was to bring the Sacramento Cyclocross series “back home,” and I think we’ve finally done that with this race.” The Sacramento region is simply chock full of cyclocross having already run weekday pick-up series to attract newcomers to the sport.

NorCal CX
NCCX still displays their 2013 season on the website but Murphy Mack has reported to Fit and Filthy on the latest on venues. An update will appear later this week.

Red Kite CX Series
The Red Kite website is devoid of detailed information about its weekly ‘cross series and, by time of press, Steve Rosefield has yet to return any efforts to contact him. All that is known by Fit and Filthy: the series begins 13 September and the venue is in the Livermore area.

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