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Cyclocross Abbondanza!

11 August 2014

This is Mega! This season will see a California Cyclocross Championship Series!

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Wong is putting together a pan-California series with an emphasis on the flavors of cyclocross events across the State. Already signed up and opening the series is the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix presented by Cedaron on 6 September 2014 with BASP/Pilarcitos Cyclesports’ Clark Natwick GP (21 September) the second event on the schedule. For now, a complete schedule remains under development but could see up to eight events. New events may come from either end of the state.

Current California Cyclocross Championship
6 September – West Sacramento Grand Prix presented by Cedaron, West Sacramento (USAC)
21 September – Clark Natwick Grand Prix, BASP, Candlestick Point (USAC)
26 October – Spooky Kross, SoCalCross Prestige Series/SCPS, Orange
8 November – The Lou Fest CX Night Race, Fresno
16 November – SLO Cross Weekend, SCPS, Luis Obispo (USAC)
29 November – UCI CXLA Weekend, SCPS, Los Angeles (USAC)

One Bear to Rule Them All

One Bear to Rule Them All

“Right now I’m going with momentum and the people I have dialog with,” said Wong. “We’ve had these conversations every year. As this sport grows, what is the next step? This is really a way to connect the State of California which is the largest cycling region in the United States. We are spread out and to me if it came together it would be a really great way to showcase the sport as it occurs across California. [It is] similar to the state itself; one second you’re on the Pacific Coast, another you’re climbing some pass in San Gabriel Mountains. I would love the series to showcase the flavors of cyclocross across the state of California.”

More details need refining, such as tracking riders that travel from one event to another. The gist currently is for Elite and Master categories for men and women. The best results from some of the events count towards series points but the number of eligible races depends on the final number of events on the series’ schedule. To qualify for points, a rider may have to travel to at least one or two out-of-district races.

“We’re going to offer the bragging rights for the best in California with jerseys and trophies,” continued Wong. “Just pulling off this idea of the California Cyclocross Series is a victory in itself. I think it will be a fun way to get a sick jersey that says California Champion. [Riders will have] battled their own territory, battled other territories, had a great time, and taken a beer hand-up. It’s really to showcase culture, fun, and the sport of cyclocross.

“If it evolves into something bigger, great. If it stays this really fun grass roots and California Dreaming thing, where we are just enjoying finding a way to get out of our own boundaries or exploring another culture, that’s what I’d like to see out of [the California Cyclocross Championship Series].”

The NorCalNevada region itself has already seen vast changes for the upcoming cyclocross season. Except for the loss of two stand-alone races, many of the evolutions in series and venues have been received very well. With a State Championship series carved out of events already on the calendar, racers have more options to flaunt their mettle as they compete against racers from outside of regional races.

Fit and Filthy will keep up-to-date on any changes to the series as well as follow the progress of district racers that venture into the California Cyclocross Championship Series.

The contact for media or questions is The series website should go live soon.

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