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NorCalNevada ‘Cross Season Almost Here

5 August 2013

Start date 6 September 2014.

In just 32 days, the NorCalNevada cyclocross weekend racing season begins in earnest. First up is the 2014 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix (WSCXGP) and its “largest women’s prize in California cyclocross!”. Following BASPs lead, call-ups for races are on a first-registered-first-called basis; registration opens on Wednesday, 6 August 2014, at Noon.

Cass Laizure (Missing Link) Plows the Course at Lagoon Valley

Cass Laizure (Missing Link) Plows the Course at Lagoon Valley

The region’s calendar is chock full with only four open days from September through December. For 2014, there are 57 race-days in all, across an available 36 weekend-days. Venues span Reno to Monterey and Windsor to Fresno. January 2015 has at least four dates with both CCCX and SacCX extending their seasons past New Year’s Day. More racing in early 2015 may also come from Rockville Bike Cyclocross.

All of last year’s regular regional series return this season: BASP, CCCX, Homegrown, NorCal CX, SacCX, Sagebrush, Santa Rosa Cup, and Surf City all have calendars. And, NorCalNevada may see the Lion of Fairfax actually in Fairfax this year. The Bakersfield NorCal versus SoCal State Cyclocross Championships move from its traditional January running to 7 December 2014.

Along with the standalone West Sac GP, there are two more new additions to this season’s racing. Fresno County Cyclocross expects to hold four races, up from two announced in June; race promotor Justin Morgan is playing weather-roulette, in hope of a ‘cross-weather event that may see rain or snow, as he selects higher elevation venues. Further down from any oxygen-depleted heights, Red Kite aims to put on a weekly Saturday series, from 13 September to 6 December, in the Livermore area.

On the “expand the cyclocross scene” front, BASP and TBBCX are putting in their dues to bring UCI racing back to NorCalNevada. Tom Simpson of Pilarcitos already has BASP on the Cyclocross National Calendar as Matthew Hargrove sets his stage. Clark Natwick and West Sac Grands Prix are both USAC races and have the region in a growing frenzy of expectation and anticipation. The District Cyclocross Championship this season is the LangeTwins venue in the SacCX series. The 14 December event should soon receive its USAC permit.

To receive a permit for its first two races, Red Kite will need to pay a late fee; Steve Rosefield’s intent to race under USAC appears in jeopardy.

Fit and Filthy will follow up with those series (Sagebrush, Homegrown, etc.) that still have outstanding fixtures to confirm. In the meantime, a complete and updated race calendar has information for each event and series as well as links to race-web sites.

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  1. This looks sweet! As a former resident of California and Nevada, I will live vicariously through your blog! I’m such a ‘cross nerd.

    7 August 2014 at 4:34 am

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