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“Kid” Kaiser to Wear Different Togs

29 July 2014

Cody Kaiser has been a member of Cal Giant/Specialized for such a long time that it became a common and expected sight of the NorCal rider in familiar Giant Berry-red. As a cyclocross racer, “Kid” Kaiser has competed internationally and nationally but also locally; it was always gratifying for the region to see him cranking around courses at SacCX, CCCX, or BASP. Yet now the local bicycle-racing community needs to become familiar with one of its favorite sons wearing a different livery. Getting older happens to even the best and young Cody Kaiser has aged-out of Cal Giant’s under-23 programme.

Competing here at the Little City Stage Race, Kaiser (far right) has already been seen racing in a different kit.

Competing here at the Little City Stage Race, Kaiser (far right) has already been seen racing in a different kit.

Kaiser's New Race Jersey

Kaiser’s New Race Jersey

Enter LangeTwins
By his own admission, Cody Kaiser is grateful and owes much to his previous programme, in learning from managing fragile young athletes to having flexibility in travel plans. “It’s learning everything.” described Kaiser, “I’ve learned to work well with others, go along with other’s plans, and help each other out in pre-riding courses and learning different lines. [I’ve learnt] even going down to PR stuff with the team and how to meet the public.”

Now Kaiser is taking a massive step forward in his cycling career by joining with LangeTwins Winery and continuing with Specialized, SRAM, and Zipp.

“Through the road season I’ve been racing in a black uniform and most people don’t recognize me,” remarked Kaiser. “I think people will be a bit surprised since I’ve been on the team from near the beginning. What I’ve got going and the ideas I’ve got going forward in racing and with the [new] team are going to be welcomed. They’re going to be exciting and I think people will enjoy that.

“I want to keep this going as long as possible. I was left with some thinking to do on my part after Cal Giant. Putting this program together will help me continue to race at the level I want to race at and continue to aspire to be at the top of the sport.

“I am definitely going to refine it a bit and ‘cross will be my main focus. It’s what comes easy to me, it’s what I am best at, and what I’ve invested the most time in. That will continue to be my main focus but we’ll race mountain bikes in the summertime, gain the skill that comes from that, and fill the time during the off-season.”

Fifth Spot…or Better?
Kaiser does not intend to rest on his laurels and has specific goals in mind for the upcoming ‘cross season. It will take the Sacramento native across the nation’s UCI races in a schedule that will match previous years. “A rather lofty goal, but it’s good to reach out, will be to fill that fifth spot on the [US] World’s team,” Kaiser divulged. “Being a first year elite I think it’s definitely possible. I’ve seen it done before. Looking at the people I usually race with, I think I definitely can be a contender to fill that last spot.

“Also this year, more as a personal goal, I want to go into the races and not have that same pressure of performing a race within the race. [I don’t want] to be constantly watching who I am racing against. I want to more or less try to improve my mental state in the races and stay positive to have a lot of fun. Because, if I’m not having fun, why do it. In previous years I’ve fallen victim to not having fun in the races and lost too much energy because of that.

“I definitely want to make it to the top of the sport. Within the elite ranks I’d like to compete to be a national champion and be a consistent contender to the World’s team. I think right now it’s hard to say what avenue I’ll go as far as racing internationally but trying to fill the shoes of being the top American would be my number one goal in ‘cross.”

Kaiser is hugely thankful to a great supporter of regional bicycle-racing in LangeTwins and expects much progress with the new team of sponsors. The family vintners support a road racing team and host an annual ‘cross race on the SacCX calendar. Lending their sponsorship to one of the top regional bicycle racers represents the region’s cyclocross well and will stand Kaiser in good stead, though in less luminous kit.

Berry-Red Days: Kaiser Races Elite Men at the 2012 CX Nats

Berry-Red Days: Kaiser Races Elite Men at the 2012 CX Nats

The following is the full-text of Cody Kaiser’s press release.

For Immediate Release
Sacramento, Calif., JULY 29, 2014 – American cyclocross sensation Cody Kaiser announced today that he will be attacking the 2014/15 racing season with a fresh outlook and an equally fresh program.

Kaiser recently closed the book on a highly successful Junior and U23 career. Notably bookended by a National Championship in 2009 and most recently, at the 2014 National Championships while en route to a bronze medal, Kaiser demonstrated a show-stopping stair-hop technique that not only amazed spectators but also has since gone on to garner over 300K views on YouTube.

Having spent the off-season racing mountain bikes with the Muscle Milk – Specialized team to stay in shape and keep things fun, Kaiser was also busy at work behind the scenes putting together a one-man program made up of hand-selected supporters perfectly suited to making sure Cody enters his first season as an Elite racer with all the right tools for the job and a big-block motor firing on all eight cylinders. Most prominently new for this season is Kaiser’s title partner, longtime cycling supporter and local Northern California vintner, LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards.

“As a multi-generational family winery focused on sustainability, from wine growing to encouraging an active lifestyle, we’re excited to expand our support of cycling by partnering with Cody “The Kid” Kaiser. Cody’s fierce competitiveness is only matched by his humility and we think that’s a good mix. A cycling enthusiast myself, it has been a great experience to watch my family develop a strong connection to the cycling community and sharing a glass with athletes and spectators alike. We look forward to celebrating the partnership between Cody and LangeTwins.”
-Joe Lange, LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards.

LangeTwins has hosted numerous ‘cross races at their winery annually which always take the top honor for courses in Kaiser’s local Sacramento CX Series.

“The LangeTwins family has been a staple in the ‘cross community since 2009. Watching what Joe [Lange] had done with their Masters road program, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to help grow the brand in both the California Scene and on the National level. I’ve always loved racing on their property, even having my hand at course design each year out there. Now being able to fully represent the brand, I couldn’t be happier.” – Cody

Continuing a long relationship with Specialized Bicycles, Cody will again be racing aboard his weapon of choice, the S-Works CruX. And continuing with the Specialized story, Kaiser will also be using all Body Geometry products including Saddles, Shoes, shoe inserts and gloves, as well as S-Works helmets.

Sean Estes from Specialized had this to say about Kaiser, “Cody is such a phenomenal talent – there are very few riders who have not only the fitness but also the handling skills and deep bag of tricks. Let alone the person he is off the track. ” Estes went on to say, “It was a no-brainer to continue the relationship, we have been partners for years and at this point it’s really become more of a family thing than anything else. Cody has put together a great program and we are super excited to be a part of it.”

Kaiser had this to say about continuing with Specialized, “Specialized has always been the leader of innovation in the industry and the entire family down in Morgan Hill has supported me so much over the years. I am stoked to be able to continue with them and having deep roots in Northern California, I really like the idea that we put together a completely NorCal-based program.”

Carrying on the theme of maintaining relationships with existing long-term sponsors, Kaiser reached out to SRAM and Zipp for their support and like Specialized, they too were quick to jump on board.

“I have always been a fan of SRAM since back in the day with Gripshift. When the first Force road groupset came out, I was so pumped to finally have SRAM on the road. SRAM is a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation, from Hydraulic brakes on cross bikes to the new CX-1, they are always pushing the envelope.” Kaiser said.

Kaiser’s bikes will feature the newly introduced Force CX-1 groupset equipped with Hydro R disc brakes and will also feature the benchmark Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc – considered by many to be the most high-performance and bulletproof wheels available.

“I’ve put the 303 Firecrest through the paces and they’ve always performed flawlessly. From the toughest races throughout Europe to Riding up stairs and hopping barriers, they never disappoint.” –Cody

“We’re proud to be continuing our relationship with Cody this coming CX season. Among Cody’s varied and valuable attributes is his strength in both pacing our products, and translating that critical ride and tech experience to our tech group.”
-Alex Wassmann, Director of SRAM Road Sports

About LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards: For five generations, the LangeTwins family has been a sustainable grower in the Lodi Appellation of California. In 2006, LangeTwins opened a winery just 90 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area to showcase their passion for growing quality wine grapes and creating great wines. Today, LangeTwins farms over 8,500 acres in both the Lodi and Clarksburg Appellations and handcrafts a wide-range of wine brands. The family is committed to sustainable wine growing, restoration projects and using renewable energy. For more information visit Lange Twins Web Site.

About Specialized: Specialized Bicycle Components was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. Based in Northern California, we focus on the rider’s need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit. Specialized Web Site

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