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BASP 2014 Race Schedule

17 July 2014

The Grand Prix Clark Natwick is less than 10 weeks away and the NorCalNevada ‘cross season is beginning to churn. The 2014 Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross series is taking steps toward a UCI event for 2015. Part of the machinations to bring the race to the fore include a revamped series this upcoming season. Direct from Tom Simpson, here are the race schedules for BASP Cyclocross. Tom also lends a little insight into his thinking.


Dawning of a New Era for BASP and NorCalNevada

Dawning of a New Era for BASP and NorCalNevada

Tom Simpson writes here via e-mail:

“What’s happening in our 12th season?”
“We’re going to experiment. We’re leaving out the test tubes, Bunsen burners, centrifuges, and the rest of the equipment from the labs but we’ll be making some subtle shifts in our event schedules.

Sept. 21st – GP “Clark Natwick” USAC-day at Candlestick
“Our intention is to run a USAC-permitted event under USAC rules (not “Tom’s” rules) to both provide ranking points for our most serious athletes, who are going to Texas next January for Nationals or want to qualify for a 2015 UCI calendar date. We’re going to be running this one using USAC categories and we’ll use their rules, meaning no hand-ups except possibly in the pit. And speaking of ‘Pits’ we’re going to create a double pit for this future site of Belgians racing on our landfill in 2015.

“For grid positions we’ll be using current USAC rankings then fill in by date of registration. We do have a number of combined fields for this race but please note the separate Single Speed and 55+ fields.

Nov. 8/9 Sierra Point Night ‘n Day Races
“Can we get NorCal athletes to come and race an entire weekend? They do it back East so we’re going to run a similar event schedule on Sunday at Sierra Point – same course only reverse direction. Similar to some of the bigger East Coast events here’s Experiment #2 from the laboratories of Pilarcitos Cyclesports.

Nov. 22/23 Candlestick Weekend
“We’ll try 2 days of racing again but this time EVERYBODY gets their own event. We’re stretching out the opportunities so that every field doesn’t have a 2nd start group jamming after them 90 seconds later. Our parameters include:

• Possibly easier/faster scoring for our judging staff since we’ll have fewer lapped riders. Better scoring means even quicker podiums, less wait time for results to get printed (we know, chip timing works for many but we’ve spent far too much money experimenting with THAT Frankenstein – we stick with humans for scoring)
• More enjoyable competition since you’ll only have your peers to mix with!
• More time for course inspection between events…not a LOT more, but some more time
• Easier staff work during the weekend – OK, no big deal for athletes but major for our Team to manage each day and complete tear-down during daylight hours. When the last race finishes around 2:30, we all benefit.

Dec. 7 CCCP – Coyote Point
“The non-experiment. This will be the same location, same fields offered as in the past, same marvelous beach to run on, and possibly same rainy weather we’ve had in the past. If things work out with weekend experiments, possibly we can negotiate with San Mateo County Parks Dept. for a second day to race in the future.”

Chris Cowart Over the Barriers with a 'Stick Backdrop

Chris Cowart Over the Barriers with a ‘Stick Backdrop

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