The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Red Kite into the Fray – More Regional ‘Cross

7 July 2014

For the 2014-15 season, the Northern California-Nevada cyclocross scene is now well underway, following last week’s start of Gheto’s Wednesday Night Pickups. The very busy schedule extends into January 2015 and may even see races in February; there remains only one empty weekend race date, from September to December, that is not either side of the season’s holidays.

And now, Steve Rosefield announces to Fit and Filthy that Red Kite Racing will put on cyclocross races “every Saturday” beginning 13 September 2014!

Under the Red Kite banner and running in similar fashion, Steve Rosefield said “What I do on the road comes from cyclocross. I started racing as a ‘cross racer and I like the idea of an on-going series. You can measure your progress from week-to-week when participation counted. My whole road omnium concept started there.”

Rosefield is looking at thirteen race-Saturdays through 6 December 2014. There are two possible venues in the Tri-Valley Livermore area, though the series may run at a single location, to be decided later.

“I really felt we had done a good job at developing grass-roots-racers,” continued Rosefield. “When I look around at the other series in the area, which are all very good, they’re quite far away. The really engaged riders do [travel] but I’m really looking to develop an audience for this area. I am planted in the middle of a good demographics for cycling.”

Regional cyclocross this season is now replete with new and renewed events. The availability of races for those from a specific locale or with widely differing interests in the sport, from mid-week pick-ups to CXNC, has improved the prospect of increased participation throughout. Perhaps looking for some casual racers along with more dedicated participants, Rosefield remarks, “I’m building something with the idea that we can draw more people into the sport and that’s going to become extremely important to do so in the years ahead.”

Red Kite intends to offer equal “prizes” for both genders.

Rosefield’s desire is to also run the entire series as USA Cycling sanctioned events, saying “Red Kite will offer an on-going series, with a regular schedule, at an accessible location, with good tracks, and professional management.” Race results will be managed with the system.

More details for Red Kite cyclocross will appear shortly at their website.

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