The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

The Return of Rodeo ‘Cross

5 July 2014

After a 1-year hiatus, Folsom Rodeo Cross returns this season on 3 September 2014 at the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena in Folsom. The evening series under lights runs for the following four Wednesday nights plus a finale on All Hallows’ Eve. Part pre-season warm-up, part fervent spectating, the scene becomes extremely festive as the sun goes down and the course lights turn on.

'Cross Under Lights, Lights on the Bike - this is Rodeo 'Cross

‘Cross Under Lights, Lights on the Bike – this is Rodeo ‘Cross

“I run into people constantly talking about Rodeo ‘Cross and stoked that it’s back,” reports Frank Shoemaker, new organizer for Folsom Rodeo ‘Cross. “Even before I was 100% committed and sure that I could bring it back, I would run into people that would ask about it. I would say ‘I’m going to try to bring it back’ and their response would be ‘I’m in, I’ll help and do anything I can do.’ That’s pretty encouraging.”

The grass-roots, fun-based series dispenses with egos and attitudes to put on races that attract not only riders but spectators. “The fact that people came to Rodeo ‘Cross that were not cyclists, just to hang out in the forest, to watch, heckle, and hand up all sorts of unusual food items tells me that it has some magnetism,” continued Shoemaker. “It wasn’t just the cycling community showing up. Some were cycling-community people but by the end of [previous seasons] we were drawing people that were not cycling people at all. We even had a band show up one race. Three people heard about it, heard it was fun, showed up with their instruments, went to heckle-hollow, and played music all night.”

A View of Heckle-Hollow through Sherwood Forest

A View of Heckle-Hollow through Sherwood Forest

“Part of my goal for Rodeo ‘Cross is the low key atmosphere, the low cost, and the fun factor will bring people into cyclocross that are on the outside looking in,” remarked Shoemaker. “Rodeo ‘Cross is presented as a race but it’s an opportunity to have fun on your ‘cross bike. Success for me at Rodeo ‘Cross would be around 100 people per week, everybody has fun, nobody gets hurt, and Frank doesn’t have to sell his truck at the end of the season.”

The renewed series comes under Murphy Mack’s SuperPro umbrella with Shoemaker as the principle organizer. There will be a good number of volunteers including Marty Woy’s Gheto and the Sloppy Moose Running Club. The Sacramento cyclocross scene has begun in earnest with this past week as first of the Wednesday Night Pickups. The synergy presented by Woy and Shoemaker is Wednesday Nights are preparation for Rodeo ‘Cross races that in turn are the warm-up for weekend cyclocross. Shoemaker also runs the eastern version of Wednesday Night Pickups.

Folsom Rodeo ‘Cross Race Nights
3, 10, 17, 24 September 2014
1, 31 October 2014

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