The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Central Coast Cyclo•Cross to Turn Eighteen

2 July 2014

Organizers announced the dates and venues for the CCCX 2014-15 season. The series has its familiar September/October-heavy dates of the previous two years and includes at least a pair of visits to the familiar venues of Fort Ord, Manzanita Park, CSU Monterey Bay, and Toro Park. This upcoming season also has nine race days.

CCCX will continue its tradition of free Kids races, at noon of each race-day, and offer equal payouts for both genders at the elite ranks. Many that have ridden the courses from previous years know of some of the outstanding challenges each of the four venues has to offer. Coming up on its eighteenth year of terrific racing is fast making CCCX “one of the true classic ‘cross series in NorCal history”.

Race 1: Fort Ord – 7 September 2014
Race 2: CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB) – 13 September 2014
Race 3: Fort Ord – 20 September 2014
Race 4: Manzanita Park – 28 September 2014
Race 5: Toro Park – 11 October 2014
Race 6: Manzanita Park – 19 October 2014
Race 7: CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB) – 21 December 2014
Race 8: Toro Park – 3 January 2015
Race 9: Fort Ord (Series Finale) – 18 January 2015

Race dates and venues are subject to change. More information is available at the CCCX website.

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