The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Snow at Regional ‘Cross?

1 July 2014

Justin Morgan is working hard at securing venues for the inaugural Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX) series. Two dates announced (25 October and 15 November) hope to avoid conflicts with other regional events but there exists a potential the series may include race courses at elevation. And, should the cyclocross deities smile and provide cooperative weather, local racers may enjoy a terrain with a covering of snow.

One may wonder just how realistic is the possibility of snow or that this too much to expect.

Perhaps this article’s title should read “More Snow” as the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series has venues more likely to receive a covering, and certainly has witnessed such in the past. Yet, it is worthwhile remembering that Fresno County extends eastward to the John Muir – Pacific Crest Trail. Fit and Filthy consulted the region’s “cyclocross weather person of good renown” to learn that the earliest record of snowfall along the eastern portion of Fresno County is 11 September, back in 1952. Better still, 6″ of snow fell at an elevation of 2,000′ on 12 October of 1985.

Will this weather forecaster be able to predict snow for FCCX?

Will this weather forecaster be able to predict snow for FCCX?

Nevertheless, the full-bore season remains a couple months out, even though wheels-on-the-gound cyclocross begins tomorrow at Gheto’s Wednesday Night Pickups. Morgan has much to accomplish to achieve firm venues reporting he is at the stage of due diligence and making “creeping forward” progress. He is working with the County to run at local Fresno parks or those higher elevation locales of either a public school or private land. The County Parks would probably see warm, dry, and dusty conditions, typical of many California races. The non-County Park venues are the ones to hope for, along with that ‘cross weather. It may even come about that the series expands to three races.

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