The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Enter Fresno County Cyclocross

23 June 2014

Cyclocross in Northern California/Northern Nevada continues to see more upbeat changes. Justin Morgan has revealed to Fit and Filthy he is looking to introduce a new two-venue cyclocross series under the banner of Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX).

Much is happening regionally with the loss of El Dorado Hills and Cyclebration Cyclocross. Nevertheless, more positive changes reflect the vibrancy of the region’s cyclocross racing: the Grand Prix Clark Natwick returns as Tom Simpson attempts to return UCI cyclocross to Northern California; the Claassens become new über-potentates at SacCX; and NORCALCX Cyclocross Association introduce the West Sacramento Grand Prix, another grand plan to develop a UCI event.

Now there are plans for even more racing in the Fresno area. Although this is extremely tentative, potential 2014 dates for FCCX are 25 October and 15 November. Morgan is garnering permissions from land managers and will provide updated information once it becomes available.

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