The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

Go Hard Wednesday Nights

19 June 2014

Ramping up its organized wheels-on-the-ground activity is just around the corner for the NorCalNevada cyclocross community. Season calendars from the different racing series are filling the available weekends with each announcement from promoters. Racing clinics are a little more than a month away. And last season is far enough back that the itching is now in need of a scratch.

One of the very early season events is Gheto-founder Marty Woy’s Wednesday Night Pick-Ups; the first night is less than 2 weeks away. Woy describes here his part-maverick, part-introductory, all grass-roots Sacramento community cyclocross.

From Marty Woy:

“The main idea behind the Pickups is that they are safe (no-cars), free, non-permitted, non-sanctioned group workouts in a welcoming, no-attitude environment. A way to try CX without committing to race or having to worry about all the stuff that comes along with a race day. We encourage newbies and make the course as accommodating as possible for folks with CX rigs. Just everybody of all abilities riding the same course together for 45min and creating a community to pipeline folks into competition if that’s their thing. We’re basically trying to create a way to introduce Non-CX people to CX in a non-competitive way in hopes that they join the fun for the long run.

“We’ve been running the Pickups for the last two years for eight week stretches at a time with amazing growth. Year one brought out about 15 to the first event which grew to about 40 by years end. Last year we topped out at 70 before getting caught by the Park Rangers at our non-permitted course behind Cal Expo.

“This year we’re starting Pickups on July 2nd and running until August 20th. They start at 6:00 with a group lap around the course (changes each week) and then an official start at 6:15, and we run for 45 min. Our “West” location this year is in West Sac at the following GPS coordinates 38°33’26.7″N 121°31’17.1″W, also called Honda Hills by the locals.

“We’re also in the process of finalizing a Folsom location with Frank Shoemaker that will run simultaneously each week until a meeting of both camps at a location TBD on August 27th, finishing up just in time for Rodeo Cross.”

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