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Sagebrush of the Other Enn

17 May 2014

Finding an excuse to put oneself on the continental side of California could be rewarded with fun ‘cross racing. Sagebrush Cyclocross is a small yet vibrant and growing series racing out of Reno. Recently following Noah Silverman’s direction but now, for last season and the upcoming season, Sagebrush runs under the auspices of Race Director Erica Greif. Many others help with the series including Nick Schaffner.

A Handsome Nash Re-Mount from Sagebrush 2013

A Handsome Nash Re-Mount from Sagebrush 2013

Greif recently revealed a tentative schedule for Sagebrush’s upcoming season. The series has six races but it does include a venue at the Truckee Bike Park. This event was one of their biggest turnouts for 2013-14, attracting juniors and plenty of riders from the Sacramento community. The Bike Park also allows the use of BMX and Pump tracks as part of the course, adding fun for many, though perhaps some dismay from a few purists. Sagebrush this season should see a 2-day omnium that includes the same Truckee venue.

Sponsors for the Sagebrush Series include Reno Wheelmen, Velo Reno, and Jet Lites with swag coming from Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hardgear. Marc Pro-Strava played a particularly supportive role for the Truckee event last season and may do so again.

“We’re trying to progress our series to be bigger with better courses,” reported Greif. “We want it to be challenging and we definitely want there to be a newer level for how the races are run. We’re trying to do it better.” There is a definite intention to improve expectations over previous years as well as increase its presence in the region.

Greif and Sagebrush hope to continue their growth and will advertise more this season. Prize money incentives will see an equal distribution between both genders as well as across more categories of racing. They also plan on holding new rider clinics to introduce more juniors and local women to the sport. The series last season had good turn-outs from local high school bicycle-racing teams.

Keith Hillier (Team Rambuski Law) on the BMX Track at Truckee

Keith Hillier (Team Rambuski Law) on the BMX Track at Truckee

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