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Region Loses El Dorado Hills Cyclocross

11 June 2014

It’s a stand-alone event amongst all the NorCalNevada cyclocross series but it managed to stand up on its own the past 2 years. Unfortunately, Ron Shevock reported yesterday that El Dorado Hills Cyclocross will not run this coming ‘cross season.


“Unfortunately, the property owners have not given us the green light this year to host the race,” wrote Shevock by e-mail message. “They are in the process of trying to sell that land and they are denying access to any events on that property for the foreseeable this future. So for 2014, there will be no El Dorado Hills CX. We are bummed.”

Racing on the former golf course venue included sand traps for obstacles and a variety of terrains with grass and red clay. It will be missed. Shevock and sponsors Folsom Bike/Town Center Bike & Tri will redirect their efforts to supporting cyclocross in the immediate community as well as the region.

2 responses

  1. CX Hotdog

    Why doesn’t Folsom Bike move their venue to Folsom? I know of 2 available venues!

    11 June 2014 at 12:14 pm

    • Ron Shevock responds by saying most suitable venues in Folsom are taken up by one of the many local series – SacCX, Rodeo Cross, Wednesday Night Pick-Ups. Instead, Folsom Bike and Town Center Bike and Tri will become the “host shop” for the Orangevale SacCX race (planned for 5 October).

      13 June 2014 at 12:23 am

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