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BASP to go Single Categories

5 June 2014

Along with the Grand Prix Clark Natwick race on the USAC Cyclo-cross National Calendar (CXNC), Pilarcitos Cyclesports host a much changed sequence of cyclocross races this coming season. Their calendar is already published on the BASP website; the Sierra Point and Candlestick Point venues take place over 2 days whilst CCCP at Coyote Point keeps its traditional format.

Tom Simpson reports via e-mail that “for both our Night Race and our date at Candlestick, 2 weeks later, we’re going to experiment a little. We have quite a few big fields that have two categories in them – and it makes a packed day trying to get everyone on course in just [a single] day. [We] could race Saturday AND Sunday, split apart some of the big fields so that we have more single category fields racing.”

The experiments raise a number of questions regarding riders racing twice in a day or over 2 days. “That’s the big experiment,” continued Simpson. “If we can create more races with just a single field, can we get enough racers to make it pay?

“We want to see if we can split Masters into individual fields, both Elite Masters and B’s/C’s. They are currently large fields racing at 60-90 starts and that’s crowded. Leaders of the second group always run into traffic of the first start group – can we figure out a method to offer them individual heats – and still pay the bills?

“We’re thinking of this both to offer more and better racing but also thinking of our staff. Set-up is still an entire day and more, clean-up after the final race can be done in just a couple of hours but November runs into daylight shutting us down at 5:00 pm. Last year we did finish in the dark – that’s not happening again.

“Our staff and Roaring Mice deserve decent conditions to work in and that means we have to be finished in daylight. I’m going to ask the Rangers at Candlestick and the Harbor Master in Brisbane if we can do partial clean-up on Sunday afternoon and finish up Monday morning. That would allow us to offer racing that would finish at 3:45 or so. We could still take down the bridge and finish line in safety and then return Monday morning to clear course pins and poles.”

BASP Cyclocross 2014-15 Calendar
Grand Prix Clark Natwick, Candlestick Point – 21 September
Sierra Point Night Race/Sunday Repechage, Sierra Point – 8-9 November
CandleStick Point CycloCross – 22-23 November
CCCP Cyclocross at Coyote Point – 7 December

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