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USAC Rules for GP Clark Natwick

3 June 2014

BASP’s Grand Prix Clark Natwick at Candlestick is on the USAC Cyclo-cross National Calendar (CXNC) and under USAC permitting. This imparts the national organization’s system for categorizing riders. Tom Simpson anticipates time for seven events and possible combined fields for the 21 September 2014 date.

Tentative Race Schedule
Elite Men (USAC Cat 1 and 2)
Elite Women (Cat 1-4)
Master 35’s (Cat 1-4)
Master 45’s (same)
B Men (Cat 2 and 3)
C Men (Cat 4 and 5)
55’s, Juniors

“They’re Our Peeps”
“One group we need to find a home for will be the Single Speeders,” reported Simpson. “They may take the place of the 55/Juniors or we’ll squeeze them in as a separate 8th race – we can’t dump them. They’re our people. We want to find a place for all of our customers on this important date.”

“One critical philosophy we need to insure remains,” continued Simpson, “even if contrary to USAC standards. That is, ‘we don’t pull lapped riders’. As long as lapped riders move off the line when leaders approach they can stay in. Failure to yield means we employ the dreaded ‘80% rule'”.

Simpson also reports a much bigger prize list for the CXNC event than at BASP Cyclocross. The purses are $1,750 for Elite Men and $1,250 for Elite Women. Equal awards go to the top three in each race.

As the Grand Prix Clark Natwick is the Pilarcitos/BASP stepping stone to a UCI race in 2015, they are flying in the Providence course designer Patrick Goguen. He will review the Candlestick course and suggest any necessary tweaks to help forward the 2015 bid. Tom Simpson first revealed after last season’s TrippelCross that an effort was underway to return UCI Cyclocross to the Bay Area. Although not without hiccups, Simpson’s plans are unfurling in promising fashion.

Details of the BASP Cyclocross calendar of events will appear on Fit and Filthy soon.

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