The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

‘Cross at Lange Twins – this Year and Before

Lange Twins Winery
Sacramento Cyclocross Series • 17 November 2013

Fresh back from traveling to races East, Emily Kachorek (ghetomoto) grabbed the hole shot, held off an early challenge from Felicia Gomez, and went on to win the Women’s A race at the Lange Twins Winery. Later in Men’s A, Jeremiah Root (SBRacing) and Mitch Trux (Streling Sports) thrilled the spectators as they fought each other to the last lap. Trux used his big ring to take the victory.

Lange Twins Wine at the Lange Twins Venue

Lange Twins Wine at the Lange Twins Venue

The Lange Twins
The Lange Twins Winery venue is fast becoming a signature event for the Sacramento Cyclocross Series. It receives great support from the Winemakers themselves and has featured in the series since 2010. That year was the renowned mud bath that has since gained folklore-like stature. The depth of one muddy puddle swallowed up whole wheels if not the riders with them. Three years on, one can still find remains of the ruts.

The 2010 Mud Bath

The 2010 Mud Bath

The venue, and the series, has seen Master’s World and National Champions racing at The Twins: Don Myrah (ibis/ raced in 2010 just days after becoming a National Champion. Perennial Master’s Champions, in many forms of bicycle racing, Linda and John Elgart are frequent visitors to the winery.

Myrah Shortly After becoming National Champion in 2010

Myrah Shortly After becoming National Champion in 2010

This year, Cody “Kid” Kaiser is designing courses as he continues as one of the best young cyclocross racers in the United States. There are also the series volunteers like Gene Redmon of and announcer William “George” Dunkum III to contribute to the character of SacCX at Lange Twins.

A SacCX Fixture - George

A SacCX Fixture – George

The course this year was bumpy and dusty but utilized a good number of the available embankments. These were treacherous obstacles and a good number of racers fell foul to their loose soil. Elsewhere, the course could flow and there was a good portion of technical sections. The winery’s delivery ramp was put to use again as a flyover. It spilled out into a fast hard left turn that could have presented problems with close fields flying down the ramp.

Dusty for 2013

Dusty for 2013

The Big Dude
In the Men’s A race, big Jude Mayne (ibis/ fought hard with Chris McGovern ( going up the flyover for the firs time. Mayne took the hole shot and led the field away. Heading to the far side of the course, Mayne had the lead but it was Jeremiah Root in first place as the racers headed back to complete their first lap.

There was a new leader again on the second lap as McGovern led the slowly stretching field out and back again. McGovern’s grab was short lived as he crashed early in the third lap on one of the loose embankments, completely ruining his race for the day.

The Big Ring
This left Root out front. In high pursuit was Mitch Trux and the pair kept spectators highly entertained as the leader’s battle failed to give any indication as to which racer would cross the finish line first. Both riders took turns leading. Trux’s early spell was short lived and, after relinquishing the lead back to Root, the gap between first and second hinted at growing in Root’s favour. However, Trux did stay in touch.

Root swept through the boisterous cheering and heckling crowd ahead of Trux on the bell lap and they raced out to the back of the course. Then it was Trux cresting the flyover in front after putting in the fastest lap of the race on his big ring. It was enough to take the win away from the hard working Root. After a slow start to his season, following the birth of his new son, Trux was well pleased with a tactical win and a deserved result.

After falling away from his first lap lead, Jude Mayne rode a solid rest-of-the-race to capture third place. Curtis Smith (Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada) crossed the line in fourth whilst Nick Schaffner (Marc Pro-Strava) came home in fifth place.

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone
The Women’s A race had a small but quality field. Sarah Maile (Ventana Mountain Bikes) was on hand and continues to improve her racing following time away for family. Felicia Gomez (Pinnacle p/b Argon 18) also lined up at the start alongside series leader Hollie McGovern (Real Wheels/

The clear favourite was the returning Emily Kachorek (#Ghetomoto). After several weeks in the East for UCI races, Kachorek was keen to put to the test her recently gained technical skills.

Kachorek exited the flyover in front on the first lap. Yet, after the first time over the plank barriers, less than 10 seconds covered the five-racer field. On the start of lap two, Kachorek still only had small gap as Gomez and McGovern were racing hard to not let the race get away from them. This complexion changed very quickly, however, as Gomez tripped over the plank barriers.

Kachorek then set the three fastest laps of the race settle matters, then going on to cement her win.

Gomez would later suffer a flat to drop her down to fifth as McGovern took over second place. Sarah Maile put in a hard charge late in the race to solidify her third place ahead of Maureen Kunz.

Photo Gallery – Lange Twins through the Years

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