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Lloyd Returns for the Fun to Win at BASP Candlestick

Lloyd Returns for the Fun to Win at BASP Candlestick
BASP Candlestick

29 September 2013

Rachel Lloyd (DFL) got away to a superb early race after taking over the lead from Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law). From there, the DFL racer put in a good pace to win the BASP Women’s A race at Candlestick Point.

“I just wanted to see what the competition was going to be like,” described Lloyd. “Karen Brems took the lead early on and I followed her around for a bit. Then I thought I should try to take my own lines. I got around her and just tried to hold it.

“This is a good course for someone that goes around turns well. There wasn’t many spots to open it up.

“I figured Karen Brems is probably fitter than me, because I don’t get to ride that much, but I knew I could corner better than her. I just tried to go smooth and recover through the turns so I could have something to go as hard as I could on the flats.”

Rachel Lloyd Wins Off-the-Couch

Rachel Lloyd Wins Off-the-Couch

Behind Lloyd, Brems was well entrenched in second place whilst Emily Kachorek (Ghetomoto) put in a chase from third. “I have a good tradition of getting the last call-ups so I was in the back,” reported Kachorek. “On this course it’s hard to pass right away because it’s single-tracky. I could see them the whole race and it took a good half-a-lap to pass to where I was behind Karen [Brems].

“By the time I got up there I had burnt a few matches. Rachel Lloyd continued to open up a gap the whole time. Karen Brems then opened up a little gap on me at some point. I rode 30 meters behind her the entire race and then she opened up a bigger gap on the last lap.”

Kachorek Continues to Gain Experience

Kachorek Continues to Gain Experience

“The nature of this course, because its so hard to pass,” continued Kachorek, “and the call-up affected my race. But, Rachel [Lloyd] rode a great race. She was the faster person on the course, for sure. And Karen Brems was too. It would have been nicer to have had a chance to battle with Karen Brems but that was the way it is. They both rode the course faster.

“[The course] was very bumpy, dry, and loose. It’s good practice for me [because] it’s technical and handling heavy. I think it’s one of those courses where experience plays alot. If you can keep yourself calm, you can ride the corners [saving] energy rather than sprinting and slamming on the brakes.”

Brems has a Solid Race for Second

Brems has a Solid Race for Second

It was indeed experience that headed the Women’s field as Brems and Lloyd crossed the finish line each 10 seconds apart and in front of Kachorek. Brems held the second step of the podium. Kristin Drumm (Red Peloton) put in a solid race behind the three leaders to secure fourth place but was 50 seconds off the pace. Fifth place went to Leah Plack (Fresh Air/Hunter).

The former National Championship runner-up gave a toungue-in-cheek description of her racing fitness. “The few times I get to ride I am thinking,” said Lloyd, “it would be fun to make jersey’s that say OTC, or Off-the-Couch Racing. I feel that’s what I am doing. My training is pulling my daughter Nora, who is 14 months old, in the trailer and chasing my son Henry, who is three-and-a-half. It seems like it’s good training. I’m not making a comeback. I just want to have fun.

“It was fun. Just look at it, it’s a big deal out here. People are really into it. Cyclocross is getting really popular.”

Women A Results
1. Rachel Lloyd (DFL)
2. Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law)
3. Emily Kachorek (#GhetoMoto)
4. Kristin Drumm (Red Peloton)
5. Leah Plack (Fresh Air/Hunter)
6. Courtney van Dimpel (Team Caletti Cycling)
7. Katie Joy McLena (BBB/Rock Lobster)
8. Natalia Gardiol (Chica Sexy/Pedal Rev)
9. Michelle Morrill (Team Roaring Mouse)
10. Hollie McGovern (Real Wheels Bike Shop/
11. Liza Rachetto (Vanderkitten)
12. Victoria Wentworth (Vive La Tarte)
13. Sarah Powers (Team Roaring Mouse)
14. Sofia Marin (Wookie Crisp)
15. Emily McKissock (Rebound Tireless Vel)
16. Lindsey Collins (Team Coletti)
17. Heather Pugh (Fresh Air/Hunter)
18. Julie Bates (Team Roaring Mouse)
19. Soni AndreiniPoulsen (Velo Bella)
20. Chava Kronenberg (SuperPro Racing)

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