The fit race 'cross and 'cross gets 'em filthy!

‘Cross 2013-14

‘Cross 2013-14
27 September 2013

The current season is at full tilt and Northern California has seen five events so far, starting with Folsom Cyclebration Cyclocross. In stark contrast to that 100ºF event in the central valley, Sacramento Cyclocross Series’ Lagoon Valley Park races saw some of the best ‘cross weather.

The forecast for the day was a slight chance of light rain…less than one tenth of an inch. During the second race of the day, the Women’s wave, the first few tenths of rain began to come down. Eventually it became a downpour.

Most of the competitors were unprepared as the course became a mud-rink in many sections. Keeping the bike upright was as much of a challenge as racing against other riders.

The Art of 'Cross - Mud Sculpture

The Art of ‘Cross – Mud Sculpture

The final section of the course turned in on itself a couple of times and ran over very slick mud. A large puddle stretched fully across a bend before a single plank-barrier. Spectators huddled together under canvas eagerly awaited the waves of riders in anticipation of one or two succumbing to the conditions.

A few racers were unfortunate enough to oblige to cheers and heckles that only a ‘cross race brings out. It was enjoyable for all but still the riders managed pull off relatively competitive racing.

A great start to this ‘cross season.

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