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12 October 2015

The SuperPro CX race at Joaquin Miller Park started out under a proverbial and literal fog, with last-minute changes to the course occurring under the heavy cover. Eventually, the sun forced its way through for the terrific views promised at Lookout Point to add to the hard ‘cross racing throughout the day.

Early Morning at Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX

Early Morning at Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX

Young and Feldstein Double Up at SacCX

12 October 2015

For the Sacramento Cyclocross Series, Julie Young (Roseville Cyclery) and Gareth Feldstein (Real Wheels) picked up where they left off at Orangevale 2 weeks ago. Both came out winners for the Elite races in the heat and dust of Maidu Regional Park. As before, Young battled with Hollie McGovern (Real Wheels) before pulling away late in the race. Feldstein’s task was more taxing for this race after a strong ride from Liam Dunn (Clif Bar) kept the race’s outcome in doubt until the final lap.

Jen and Clint Classen, and their entire SacCX crew, made it another well executed event complete with a now standard beer garden and food truck plus music from the Gheto crew. It was another good turn-out for the series with 379 race-entries including 71 in Women’s categories.

SacCX also laid out a terrific course, taking advantage of everything available at a city park. The terrain included grass, hard-packed dirt, gravel, and paved pathways. In amongst some of the technical sections under tree cover, plenty of plant debris and off-camber made for challenging riding. There were plenty of transitions between surfaces that required acute attention. And, for an area that is mostly flat, the course had plenty of elevation changes from a soft, sand-pit shallow mound to two difficult run-ups. The second of the latter followed a left-hand turn at the bottom of a decline that rose up, into, and over three plank barriers. This was the reward racers saw after a short climb leading into this section.

The big, steep run-up, some 7m high, had a loose top layer to the racer’s right that invited riding the bike to the top. To the left was a shallow, dry gully perfect for foot holds except for a couple of tree roots exposed by erosion from long-ago rains. Riding this big run up was certainly a huge expenditure of energy and certainly faster than most could run. However, the penalty for failing to ride all the way to the top was a difficult slide back down and plenty of lost time. To make the run-up that much harder, it too was situated after a turn at the bottom of a downhill to spill the momentum of racers.

Liam Dunn (Clif Bar) Leads Gareth Feldstein (Real Wheels) Up the Big Maidu Run-Up

Liam Dunn (Clif Bar) Leads Gareth Feldstein (Real Wheels) Up the Big Maidu Run-Up

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JPM Walk Through

9 October 2015

The SuperPro CX course at tomorrow’s Joaquin Miller Park is 1.5 miles of hard riding with plenty of elevation changes up and down. The area for the finish line looked tranquil this morning but come the ‘morrow the rest of the course is chock full of challenges and hard riding. The terrain changes between paved road, grassy meadow, and hard-packed dirt. In amongst that are the occasional knobby rock protruding through the surface, loose sections of built-up dirt and plant debris, and soft, well-worn turns. Soft-enough ground to reveal clandestine pre-rides that followed the course map posted on the race’s web page.

Today's Tranquil-Meadow - Tomorrow's Finish Line

Today’s Tranquil-Meadow – Tomorrow’s Finish Line

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SuperPro Opens at Joaquin Miller

8 October 2015

The SuperPro Racing 2015 Cyclocross Series begins this coming Saturday and, in something of a coup, the venue is Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Known for his intention to always build hard ‘cross courses, and some of the most daring obstacles in NorCal Nevada, Murphy Mack and SuperPro Racing now have an excellent canvas for their latest creation.

A map of the course is posted for the Oakland Hills venue but this is certainly one to experience much closer and in person. This former home of the poet holds spectacular views that the forecasted sunny day can only enhance.

Juniors at 8:20am begin the day’s staging and racing.

Backdrop to Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX's Newest Venue - Photo Credit Murphy Mack

Backdrop to Joaquin Miller Park, SuperPro CX’s Newest Venue – Photo Credit Murphy Mack

In Brief: Calendar Updates

7 October 2015

Along with the recently announced Nevada State Cyclocross Championships set for 12 December, there are a few other changes to the season’s calendar.

SuperPro racing moved their 17 October event from Fairfax to Dan Foley Park in Vallejo. Racing will go out into the night. Details appear on the series webpage. Juniors begin the affair at 2:30pm. Elite Women and Elite Men race off the line at 6:45pm and 7:45pm, respectively. The last race of the night is for Men B beginning at 9:00pm.

Surf City announced the venues to go along with their race dates. The best information about locales appears at the webpage for registration and the Fit and Filthy Calendar, although shortly before press time the series website was undergoing an update.

On their web page, Central Coast posted a new race for 11 October at Manzanita Park in Prunedale. Finally, Fresno County Cyclocross (FCCX) is down to a single event. It is the 20 December race at Lost Lake in Friant. Final permitting is approved and the race receives a sanction from USAC.

Dan Foley Park to Host a Night Race

Dan Foley Park to Host a Night Race

Brems and Judelson Triumph, Gomez-Villafañe Astonishes

6 October 2015
by Josh Constantino Tabije

The depth of talent in cyclocross racing for NorCal Nevada went on full display at Toro Park: veteran racer and World Champion emeritus Karen Brems (SunPower Racing/Alto Velo) won the race for Elite Women; recent transplant and bass player Max Judelson (Rock Lobster/Voler) took the top step of the podium for Elite Men; and Ben Gomez-Villafañe (Muscle Milk/Specialized) chased down the second step, 5 seconds behind Judelson. Gomez-Villafañe’s racing age is 16 and the youngster is earning enormous renown against the “big boys”.

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NorCal Nevada ‘Cross So Far

5 October 2015

A scan of the results sheets from across NorCal Nevada reveals good news for the health of the sport. More than 1,950 riders across all categories competed in the seven events for August and September. There have been good numbers for Junior and Women racing too with averages of 44 race-entries for Senior Women and 21 for Juniors. The first SacCX event in particular drew over 80 race entries for Women, Junior Women, and women in Single Speed.

Some of the good numbers are coming from Sacramento and Nevada with the festival-events at West Sac and CrossReno. SacCX drew nearly 400 race-entries and is a reflection of the community-building efforts in and around the State’s capitol. Gheto hold mid-week pick-up races that are low-key and introduce new riders to the sport before the season begins. Case in point is the recent convert Matt Hargrove. Along with his son Jack, he discovered ‘cross through a Gheto race and Matt now is the principal promoter for the West Sac Cyclo-cross Grand Prix.

A number of individuals are rising to the top with good performances. Fourteen-year-old Sam Ouzounian (Dolore Grotta/Big Swingin’ Cycles) has two wins as a Junior and a top-ten finish in Men C. Jose Reynado (Unattached) opened the season at the Lobster Cup with a win for Men C. He then added two more wins racing at Central Coast before riding to fifth place in Men B.

One of the Promising Juniors Sam Ouzounian (Dolore Grotta/Big Swingin' Bicycles)

One of the Promising Juniors Sam Ouzounian (Dolore Grotta/Big Swingin’ Bicycles)

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