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A New Team is Hatched

Dirt Birds Press Release

Sacramento, CA 8/25/2015:
A new women’s specific cyclocross team, Dirt Birds, has hatched in the Sacramento area. Created with the goal of “more women racing more often,” the new team has 23 riders that come from a variety of backgrounds and bike experience. Co-founders Audrey Biehle and JT Teerlink wanted, “to build on the growing cyclocross community in Sacramento in a way that fosters more women racing” says Teerlink. The team hopes to encourage more women to get involved in cyclocross and cycling in general through clinics, events, and camaraderie. “Cycling can be an intimidating, male dominated environment,” Biehle says, “but when you are part of an all women’s team, you feel more welcome and are more likely to show up to races and rides.” The ladies have already made good on one goal and hosted a successful ‘cross clinic with the help of Squid Bikes Pro racer Emily Kachorek.
Dirt Birds plan to have a big presence at Norcal races this season and most of the team will be racing in the ‘cross season opener West Sac CX Grand Prix. The women will also be representing at the Sacramento Cyclocross Series, the Bay Area Super Prestige series, Wednesday night Rodeo Cross Races and RenoCross.
Dirt Birds are especially grateful to the local business that showed their support of women’s cycling by stepping up to sponsor a brand new team. This years sponsors are Jakroo Custom Apparel, Mike’s Bikes, Bike Dog Brewing, Osmo Nutrition, Sloppy Moose Running Club, Specialized Grassroots program, Flylow Clothing and Zuda Yoga.
Dirt Birds will have a tent at all the local races, so stop in to say Hi! and for further information



Rodeocross Opener

3 September 2015

Rodeocross at the Dan Russell Rodeo Arena opened its season last night with great success – organizer Frank Shoemaker reports 115 riders were on hand for the start of this mid-week series. The rodeo arena itself was rutted and bumpy as it had hardened after rodeo events; mere teething issues for this season remarks Frank Shoemaker. Regardless, the excellent turnout saw the spectators in Sherwood Forest in terrific cheer and form and the racing was well contested. On hand with the booming music, Gheto’s Morty Woy had the placed wired for sound from start line to Heckle Hollow. Ron Shevock, Stace Cooper, the Elgarts, and Rick Cunningham were some of the caliber and characters off and on the course.

The vibe at the event, particularly in Heckel Hollow, is akin to a compact version of the Sierra Point Night Race. Except, Rodeocross runs for seven more of the next 8 weeks. The final race day on Wednesday before Halloween is the ne plus ultra.

Steve Mason Bending Light at Heckle Hallow

Steve Mason Bending Light at Heckle Hallow


Row-Dee-Oh Cross

2 September 2015

Lights! Bicycles! Action!


Buckethead to Ply his ‘Cross with Santa Cruz Factory Team

1 September 2015

Recently, Paul Sadoff revealed Scott Chapin’s move to the new Santa Cruz Factory Racing Team. The comment that struck as “most interesting” was a reminder that Rock Lobster had been Chapin’s only cyclocross team. Often known as Buckethead and sometimes as the mascot and inspiration to his team, Chapin is both a character (Sadoff described it as a different wavelength) and a great cyclocross racer. Perfect evidence of the former may well come from Chapin’s interview with NorCal Cycling News after a race in 2012.

The calibre of Chapin’s results attest to his capability as a cyclocross racer. From six of the last seven BASP Sierra Point Night Races, Chapin’s average finishing position is second (2.3), including wins at the two most recent runnings. Throughout the 2014-15 season, he finished only once outside the top five in 16 regional races. In previous years, Chapin has been a frequent podium or top-five finisher.

Chapin's First 'Cross Race for Santa Cruz

Chapin’s First ‘Cross Race for Santa Cruz

At the inaugural Lobster Cup, a fund raiser for his former team, Chapin sported his new togs along with teammate Justin Robinson. Afterwards, he shared about some of his thoughts surrounding the recent move.

“I got on Paul [Sadoff’s] team after my first year of racing ‘cross, when I was getting introduced to the sport. I was really stoked to be riding for a custom frame builder and such a cool team. With all the other good people on the team, it was a really good scene, did a lot for me, and I had a great thing going on. It was good for me. It was good for Paul.

“The whole time I’ve been on Rock Lobster I’ve worked at Santa Cruz. That company has grown a lot and it’s been really great to work for them and be part of their growth as a company.”

Chapin was known both separately and simultaneously as a mountain biker and cyclocross racer, riding on a Rock Lobster or Santa Cruz bike, sometimes to the confusion of others. He only caught the tail end of the first Stigmata bike whilst with Santa Cruz. The 2015 edition brought along a new opportunity for the distinctly mustachioed rider.

“Santa Cruz decided to remake the Stigmata in carbon,” continued Chapin, “which is a really awesome bike. They approached me to ride for the Factory Racing Team. It seemed to work out pretty good. Santa Cruz really wanted to get me on the Stigmata and race ‘cross for them but I also have a full sport for mountain bike racing.

“I’m really excited about being on the same team as Justin Robinson. Since I started racing cyclocross I’ve admired him as a bike racer and human being. He’s a great dude, has a great family, works hard, and is an amazing bike racer. I’m really stoked to be racing with Justin Robinson. That’s only gonna help me do better.”

Head to toe, Chapin’s livery and bike are now all Santa Cruz. Though cyclocross is an important aspect for the team, Chapin will also spend much time in mountain bike races. He travelled extensively this past summer for Santa Cruz to race enduro at the Andes Pacifico (8th), Trans-Provence (13th), SRAM Canadian Open EWS, and races in Oregon. Though his plans for the upcoming season remain fluid, Chapin will travel to CrossVegas for the industry race, then to Trans-Cascadia, the Grinduro race on a ‘cross bike, and many of the regional cyclocross events. As expected, there is a focus on Sierra Point Night Race, because “I really like that one,” said Chapin. He has also targeted a win at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships this year in Victoria, British Columbia. “That’s going to be an awesome party. I’ll be in full swing by then.”

Chapin also has an eye on single speed at Nationals in Asheville NC, though most of the season he will ride in geared races with his ‘cross bike as a single speed.

Chapin Going Table Top at Surf City Cyclo-X, Circa 2010

Chapin Going Table Top at Surf City Cyclo-X, Circa 2010

Scott Chapin’s Choice of Hand Up
“Money. Hundred dollar bills.”

Onto Rodeocross

31 August 2015

“As serious as you want it to be.”

With the recent Lobster Cup having begun this season’s NorCal Nevada cyclocross racing, during the month of August, the very next event on the regional calendar is Rodeocross from Bikenerd. The mid-week evening series opens on 2 September and afterwards runs every Wednesday until 28 October, 14 October excepted. Themselves earnestly invested in the series, Asa and Frank Shoemaker are the organizers into their second season. The couple took over and revived the event to many kudos following a 1 year interruption.

Folsom Rodeocross Logo

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Lloyd and Ortenblad Conquer the Bumpy Lobster Cup

30 August 2015

The Lobster Cup pulled off an outstanding opening to the NorCal Nevada cyclocross season with this Bonny Doon race. Day-of registrations swelled the ranks of early races and there were over 20 cars in the parking lot over an hour before the first race was even set to begin. Eventually the lot swelled to capacity as nearly 300 racers competed across the various categories throughout the day; an impressive achievement for an August start to the cyclocross calendar.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Elite races had top racers in the field. Many sported the kit of their new teams: Karen Brems for Sun Power Alto Velo and Scott Chapin and Justin Robinson for Santa Cruz Bikes were some of the notable changes. After all was said and done, Cal Giant racers Rachel Lloyd and Tobin Ortenblad were the cream on top after winning their respective races.

Rachel Lloyd Raises a Weary Arm after a Hard-Fought Victory

Rachel Lloyd Raises a Weary Arm after a Hard-Fought Victory

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NorCal Nevada Hoist the Cup

29 August 2015

With the Lobster Cup concluded late this afternoon, the 2015-16 season of cyclocross is now underway for NorCal Nevada. The turnout was simply terrific at Bonny Doon, particularly for the first two races of the event. Despite the early overcast and misty morning, temperatures were good and gave way to warm and sunny in the afternoon.

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for Much of the Race

Dezendorf Remained Close to Lloyd for much of the Race

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