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In-Brief: NorCal Nevada CX Calendar

29 July 2015

In a month, weekend cyclocross racing begins for the NorCal Nevada region. Paul Sadoff came across a ‘cross enthusiast with a purpose-built cyclocross course and has put together The Rock Lobster Cup at Bonny Doon. This begins the 2015-16 season with style, gravitas, and that Santa Cruz edge.

In other brief news, cyclocross in Nevada forges ahead with CrossReno, on 19 September, and the 2015 season of the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series. Teal Stetson-Lee and Coby Rowe prepare for ‘cross in the basin and range as Fit and Filthy will soon post articles on those events and the burgeoning scene out of Reno.

Ortenblad Racing at Sagebrush

Ortenblad Racing at Sagebrush

In addition to the Lobster Cup and CrossReno, other early racing sees a 12 September event at the State’s capitol: the West Sac Cyclocross Grand Prix. NorCalCX and TBBCX follow up their successful inaugural event last year with another well supported race. The Pilarcitos Bridge is slated to make an appearance in the Clif Bar CykelScramble, at the Marin County Fairgrounds on 26 September. Four stand-alone events within the first 5 weeks of the new season are certain to stand as a terrific beginning.

Brian Staby of CX Nation confirms the Santa Rosa Cup CX is a three day weekend series beginning with Friday night racing at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The racing runs from 13 to 15 November and will see the much vaunted cups awarded on the Sunday at the Spring Lake Regional Park, near Santa Rosa. The series webpage has plenty of information about hotels and camping along with details of the event itself. Juniors race for free and registration is already open.

The webpage for the Red Kite CX Series continues to read “Stay Tuned” and will remain that way for at least another season. Steve Rosefield is instead focusing on other substantial projects and an expanded road season for 2016.

For those unable to wait for weekend racing, on going even now are Wednesday night pick-up races in the Sacramento area: Gheto and Folsom Rodeo Cross repeat their tandem events from last year. These races are a great way to introduce new participants to the local ‘cross community as well as for Sakamenna racers to gather a head of steam before weekend racing begins.

The season ahead has as many as 48 racing events from Fresno to Santa Rosa and San Francisco to Reno. Four of the events are night races. After some 21 weekends, the season ends in mid-January. Nearly all the regional series have their season’s dates posted at one place or another. Visit the web sites below or keep track of the races on the Fit and Filthy calendar.


Weekend Series
Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross
Fresno County Cyclocross
Homegrown Cyclocross Series
Sacramento Cyclocross Series
Sagebrush Cyclocross Series
Santa Rosa Cup CX
SuperPro CX
Surf City Cyclo-X

Non-Series Events
The Rock Lobster Cup
West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix
Lou Fest

West Sac Back for More Jam

27 July 2015

The West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix, presented by Cederon, is set to run again on 12 September 2015 at the River Walk Park. The successful inaugural event last year proved popular with over 350 racers on the day, including four categories each with more than 40 competitors.

“One of the reasons why the WSCXGP was so awesome and so successful is teams from the Bay Area showing up in force,” reports Matt Hargrove. “It was awesome. That singlespeed race last year was fantastic because we had a whole bunch of really fast guys come in from the Bay Area.

“The response throughout the year from folks has been extremely positive. I think the vibe we were able to put together last year, Rich Maile and Pete Knudson putting together such an awesome racecourse, and that we had such a great facility, all those things together really went well.

“Most have been raving about the race, making sure its coming back, asking when it is, and trying to see if we’re on track for making it a bigger and better race. The vibe has been all very positive.”

One May Have This Much Fun at WSCXGP

One May Have This Much Fun at WSCXGP

Registration opens at TimeYourRace on 1 August 2015. One would be well advised to register early as the USAC event has a rule-imposed limitation for the maximum size of fields simultaneously on course. Matt Hargrove reports some changes from last year to the groupings of categories to ensure meeting the rules.

The course and venue remain the same. Three bands are expected to play throughout the day. Returning for the event are the local food trucks as well as Bike Dog Brewing and the beer tent. As before, prizes are equal for both genders and the promotors boast “the largest women’s prize in California cyclocross”.

“We did get some constructive feedback that we’re trying to make sure we put into effect this year,” continued Hargrove. “Some of that stuff was our first time putting on a big race together and being swamped by people. Our start line was a little chaotic last year and we hope to have a very organized and very well run start line this year. Our biggest lesson learned from last year is to put more thought into calls-ups.”

This year, look to see a BASP-style commencement to races at WSCXGP.

CrossVegas is a catalyst for the WSCXGP and top racers from outside the region could well make an appearance. After placing fourth for Elite Women last year, Lisa Jacobs from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia is a definite to tune up again at the River Walk Park. Teal Stetson-Lee and CrossReno this year will form a partnership of sorts as racers from both areas will attend each other’s single-day events on successive weekends.

WSCXGP-USAC Flyer-2015

WSCXGP remains on a course to becoming a UCI event. “There are a lot of different variables to making that happen,” said Hargrove, “so we’re still pointed in that direction and we feel positive about it.” There is hope for WSXGP’s inclusion on the Cyclo-Cross National Calendar (CXNC) this year or in 2016, a necessary next step toward the ProCX calendar.

Hargrove admits an important aspect to reaching the goal of a UCI race is to hold onto their valued and current sponsors as well as attract more corporate support. “We have great sponsorship for a local and regional race,” remarks Hargrove, “but in order to jump to the next level it takes bigger sponsorship dollars. I think we need another good successful year to show we’re one of the largest races in Northern California. By showing last year was not a fluke, having racers turn out in numbers, we’ll get the sponsorship.”

BASP Cast-Off UCI Race

25 July 2015

“Damn the Torpedoes”
The Clark Natwick Grand Prix returns for 2015 however as a non-USAC event. Tom Simpson and Pilacitos had laid out some lofty goals of bringing back a UCI race to Northern California. Bringing over top cyclocross racers after CrossVegas, luring talent to the fine City by the Bay, would have made a terrific addition to the Northern California community.

However, a Cross Vegas follow-up fell by the wayside as UCI gave a World Cup license to Montreal. That race was to run on the same date as the Natwick and left Simpson with little choice but to shelve his plans for another season. And, in what Simpson describes as a “great irony”, the Montreal event never came to the fore as Provincial funding failed to materialize. The timing of the Montreal non-event left too small a stretch to complete the original plans. As Simpson deplored, the “torpedo sunk us anyway”.

Rainier Schaefer Racing at Coyote Point

Rainier Schaefer Racing at Coyote Point

“Full Speed Ahead”
For the upcoming cyclocross season, nevertheless, the Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Series, presented by Summit Bicycles and SRAM, will repeat part of their experimentation from last year; there are two-day weekend events. However, the second day of the Candlestick Point double-header will not see single-category races as before.

Both Sierra Point and Candlestick Point courses are to be reversed for each of their second days. Tom Simpson reports Pilarcitos is rebuilding their fly-over to facilitate entrance from either direction. One day will see stairs whilst the other day presents a ramp toward the oncoming racers.

There are plans to cut different trails at Candlestick to avoid over use of specific areas and add new variety.

“We’re racers. We compete. Everybody competes all the time and it raises the level of presentation for everybody,” remarked Simpson. “If you want to have big numbers then you gotta do whatever it takes to attract riders with good courses and other good features. So [that] they’re going to have a good time and find something that they like at an event and want to come. That’s good for everybody. It’s good for the sport.

“We don’t race on steel bikes with toe-straps. With new introductions all the time, everybody is looking for whatever that edge can be so that both their event and their performance at races [improves]. We do that at our races all the time whether its investing in new and different equipment or replacing worn-out equipment. Whatever the investment, it’s all there to try and make the race experience best possible.

“In Northern California we have all kinds of people who want to put races on. Hallelujah! Thank goodness they do because it gives riders huge numbers of choices to make.”

BASP opens on 4 October with the Clark Natwick GP. The Sierra Point weekend is 7-8 November. Candlestick runs on 21-22 November and the traditional closer, Coyote Point, takes its usual first weekend of December. More details are available at BASP and the Fit and Filthy calendar.

Partial List of BASP Sponsors:
Clif Bar
Summit Bikes
Palo Alto Bike Shop
Kick Ass Coffee
Castelli (Jersey Presentations)
Marin Bikes.

More Capital ‘Cross from the Capitol

23 July 2015

The Sacramento Cyclocross Series now has a full calendar in place. The eight-race season opens on 27 September 2015, at Orangevale Park. The Lange Twins venue holds a date earlier than usual in the season, on 25 October. SacCX then plans to stage racing at a unique locale in the Sacramento Raceway (13 Decemebr 2015).

Cody Kaiser - a Frequenter of SacCX

Cody Kaiser – a Frequenter of SacCX

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The Lobster Cup

21 July 2015

Paul Sadoff and Rock Lobster plan to hold a beginning-of-the-season event on 29 August 2015. It is The Lobster Cup and features a unique and interesting course; it has much promise and verve to get the coming ‘cross season well underway.

A private interest, a person with great involvement in and support for cyclocross, has donated an already purpose-built cyclocross course on the grounds near the Bonney Doon Airport. Some 22 minutes north of Santa Cruz, a pump track, tight single track, a fly-over, a 75-yard sand pit, and large redwood-log obstacles look to make for tremendous challenges and excitement for ‘cross racers.

During the the day, the event will even feature drag races!

Judelson and the Lobsters Ready to Open the Season

Judelson and the Lobsters Ready to Open the Season

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Team Caletti – Complete with Red Caps

19 July 2015

Take a gander at the About Team Caletti web page and one is greeted with a gaggle of smiling and laughing faces, quizzical looks, doffing of caps, plus a few other antics squeezed into a fair number of still frames. This a group of cyclocross racers “coming into what they want to be as a team,” describes Emery Wedel, himself a single speeder who can really fly over the boards. “[We are] a fairly tight-knit group of friends that came together through the team. It’s a core group of riders that just like to race and have a good time.”

Emery Wedel and his Caletti Defy Newton

Emery Wedel and his Caletti Defy Newton

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Rock Lobster without Buckethead

17 July 2015

Paul Sadoff revealed his 2015-2106 Elite Rock Lobster Cyclocross team to Fit and Filthy this evening. Though racing out of the mid-west, Aaron Bradford may return to the fold. Second place in last season’s Sierra Point Night Race, Justin Abbott joins Max Judelson, last year’s outstanding and relatively unknown newcomer, to put forward a young, strong team.

Other racers include the returning stalwart Alex Work and the youngster Ian Stowe. Eric Nelson, Kailin Waterman, and Brandon Lehman also return this year.

Ellen Sherrill, Campbell Steers, and Kelly Chang will don Rock Lobster green to lead the Women’s contingent.

For the first time in seven seasons, Scott Chapin is set to wear other than a Rock Lobster kit this coming season. Chapin leaves his only cyclocross team to date and has moved to join Santa Cruz Bikes alongside Justin Robinson…watch out for that pair. Sadoff described Chapin as, despite a “different wavelength”, one that could turn his talent into winning at any time.

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)

Ellen Sherrill (Rock Lobster)


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